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Book of Shadows > Season 4  
Title: 4x15 Marry-go-round  
Creatures: 4x15 Dark Priest

Dark Priests are demonic priests.
These demons have forsaken their own ambitions of power and dedicate only to the promotion of evil. They are known for collecting human souls at dark masses and they are summoned to perform dark ceremonies such as dark weddings and coronations. All dark priests are "shielded" from the radar of beings of light to cover up their deeds.


4x15 Lazarus DemonLazarus demon, a rare form of high level demons, with telekinetic powers. After you kill a lazarus demon you have to bury the remains to prevent resurrection.
The longer a Lazerus demon is out of cemetary ground, the stronger
he gets.

The Lazarus demon is finally vanquished by Cole and buried by Leo

For a dark wedding you need a dark priest to perform the ceremony at night, in a cemetery. The groom has have to drink the bride's blood.


to switch the Invisibility Spell: 

Evil curse or witches brew, 
I call the magic cast by you. 
Hear my voice and come to me, 
Leave your victim, let her free

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Background info:



Piper and Paige do their best to keep their sister calm as Phoebe's wedding approaches. Their task only gets harder though as Cole makes secret plans for a dark wedding to Phoebe, a ceremony that will turn their as yet unborn child towards evil. Unfortunately for Paige, Cole's plotting causes a rift between her and Phoebe as the middle sibling blames the youngest for everything that goes wrong. In the meantime they are forced to contend with the Lazarus demon, a creature that will continue to resurrect itself until they return him to the grounds of a cemetery. All of this madness eventually forces Phoebe to call off her wedding. And she succumbs to Cole's trickery and unknowingly marries him in the dark ceremony he had been planning for.

Writer: Daniel Cerone  
Director: Chris Long  
Timeline: early 2002  
Trivia: Cole and Phoebe marry.

Phoebe and Cole's tarot reading:
They were lovers in the past, despair fills their present and death is their future.

Seer: I had a vision. This Source will have a son, the greatest power in the history of magic.
Dark Priest: And you'll be the hand that rocks his cradle.
A reference to the movie "The Hand that rocks the Cradle"

Title reference: The title is a play on Merry-go-round  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Tony Amendola (Dark priest)
Coolio (Lazarus Demon)
Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
James Read (Victor Bennett)
David Doty (Minister)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Cole: I have something for my groomsmen, two fine gentlemen who I chose to stand by me on the most important day of my life, because well, they're the only ones I know.
Leo: Wow, you have to admire his honesty.

Transcript yes  
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