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Title: 4x13 Charmed and dangerous  
4x13 Good guardian 4x13 Evil guardian
Good guardian
Vanquished by the Source
Evil guardian
Vanquished by Piper

4x13 SeerThe seer, an upper level demon who has served multiple Sources.
She has been around for thousands of years and is immune to spells and charms. She can see the future and knows dark magic.
The Seer has always planned to be the Source, to start a new evil order and to kill the Charmed Ones.

The Seer once built the cage forged from unbreakable magic for the Tall Man (see 4x21 Womb Raider)

4x13 The SourceThe Source of all Evil
can be sensed by demons. He can be hurt by energy balls. Gargoyles can protect buildings from him.
His demonic powers include shape shifting (glamouring power), energyballs, zapping, flaming in and out, he can manipulate people's mind or burn with a view and has many more powers.  

The Source's face was disfigured in the battle that brought him to power. Only upper level demons have seen it. The Source ruled the underworld for over 500 years.
In this time he banished the vampires who tried to sell him to his enemies and killed almost all wizards. He encarcerated the Tall man Demon and Zankou.

He was vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

upposedly a version of the devil, TheSource was first presented to be a very powerful demon, later a demon possessed by some dark, powerful energy that can jump from host to host. This dark energy takes over the new host with or against his will.
It was vanquished for good in season 4.

The following were known as TheSource:
a demon
Cole Turner
Cole's unborn son
The Seer

4x13 Hollow

The Hollow is neither good nor evil but if released it gathers the powers of both good and evil and grows more powerful. 
About 3500 years ago Good and evil had to join forces and use their strongest magic
to contain it. Guarded by both good and evil, the Hollow is secured in an ancient and sacred burial ground. To return the Hollow to its resting state both Good and Evil must work together and chant the inscription engraved on its box

Crystal cage
Five cydarite crystals that when oriented in an east-to-west circle have the ability to create a cage of light with the power to contain a demon/warlock and reflect their powers back to them.

Spells: to return the Hollow back to its crypt and return powers:

Aboleo exitum cavium du eternas

to vanquish the Source
(set five magic crystals oriented east to west):

Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda,
Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace,
Halliwell witches stand strong beside us,
vanquish this evil from time and space

vanishing spell:

Let the object of objection
become but a dream,
as I cause this seen
to be unseen

BoS image: 4x13 Guardians4x13 Guardians4x13 Vanquish the Source4x13 Seer (from 4x21)  
Background info:



Paige works to help a victim of domestic violence keep her son, eventually using her magic to do so. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a premonition of Cole's death at the hands of a demon, who turns out to be the ultimate evil. Things only get worse when Leo is shot by a darklighter and the Source shows up at the Manor, ready for battle. While struggling to fend him off, Piper is hurt leaving her sisters to deal with their greatest enemy yet. With Leo and now Piper injured, Cole makes a deal with the Source's Seer to save the Halliwells and defeat the Source. And while the sisters are ready to celebrate after an apparently successful vanquishing, they do not realize just how big Cole's sacrifice was. 

Writer: Monica Breen and Alison Schapker  
Director: Jon Par  
Timeline: early 2002  
Trivia: At the end Cole is possessed by the Source.

Prue made a testament.
Title reference: Refers to the 1999 movie of the same name that is about a man, tormented by beautiful women, that decides it's all a giant conspiracy of women against him.  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Goodbye 
Artist: Natalie Imbruglia  
White Lilies Island 
Co-Starring: Robert Madrid (Darklighter)
Caprice Benedetti (Angel guardian)
Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
Peter Woodward (The Source)
Lawrence Smilgys (Demon Guard)
Camilla Rantson (Carolyn Seldon)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Piper: No, it's very, very responsible. Prue did it and thank god she did, 'cause if she didn't we'll still be dealing with lawyers. (to Cole) No offence.
Cole: Oh, none taken. I've come to terms with my evil past.

Transcript yes  
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