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Book of Shadows > Season 4  
Title: 4x12 Lost and bound  
Creatures: 4x12 Ludlov

Ludlov, Headmaster of the demon Academy.
This demon will stop at nothing to teach and train Fire Starters to use their powers for evil. He works with d
emonic bounty hunters. 

Ludlov was vanquished by the Charmed Ones

The Academy
School which teaches and trains young demons and warlocks to gain control of their powers and use them for evil.

4x12 Demon foster parents 4x12 Bounty hunter
Bounty hunters
vanquished by Tyler
vanquished by Piper

Driven by greed, these heartless low level demons will stop at nothing to collect their bounty.  

4x12 Tyler, firestarter

Tyler, firestarter.
A firestarter  is an extremely rare and coveted magical creature. Their power is linked to their emotions. It first manifests itself in adolescence. They are often trained to be the body guards of the Source.

His powers were bound by Piper.

Grams jinxed a ring to transform the wearer into a traditional 1950's suburban housewife.
The ring's inscription: 
To gain another,
to lose oneself


to enter the Academy:

Door unlock 
No magic block

to vanquish Ludlov:

The brittle winter gives way to flowers of spring, Ludlow is vanquished

BoS image: 4x12 Bounty hunters4x12 Firestarter  
Background info:



Cole proposes to Phoebe again, while handing over her grandmother's ring. Unfortunately for the duo, the ring has been cursed, eventually turning Phoebe into a model 50's housewife. While Phoebe goes "Bewitched" Cole goes to work with Paige, much to her later chagrin. Meanwhile Piper and Leo bicker about raising children with powers. As it happens, they are able to explore the joys of magical parenthood when they try to help Tyler a young firestarter escape a demonic destiny. 

Writer: Noel Nosseck  
Director: Nell Scovell  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Phoebe: I mean, I like Samantha but I never actually wanted to become her. See, Samantha, she was married to a human, Darren. And Darren completely suppressed Samantha's magic, completely denied who she was.
This refers to the TV series "Bewitched", about a witch who was married to a mortal man and how they had to hide her magical abilities from the rest of the mortal world.

Alex Black won Young Artist Award in 2003 for his role as Tyler.
Title reference: A reference to the phrase "Lost and found"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Lori Alan (Cynthia Coron)
Dwier Brown (Foster father)
Ashley Gardner (Foster mother)
Ray Wise (Ludlov)
Alex Black (Tyler)
David Reivers (Bob Cowan)
Angelo Tiffe (Security Guard)
Rick Cramer (Guard #2)
Kirk Ward (Head Guard)
Rick Gramer (Guard #2)
Nils Allen Stewart (Demon Bounty Hunter)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Cole: Phoebe, we're hardly typical. I proposed to you under a hail of demon goo and you accepted while I was bleeding to death, remember?  
Transcript yes  
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