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Book of Shadows > Season 4  
Title: 4x04 Enter the demon  
Creatures: 4x04 Yen-Lo

Yen-Lo was a powerful disciple of a zen master, but he used the master's teachings for evil. The zen master passed him over for master. and Yen-Lo swore vengeance on him. He got stabbed by the zen master's daughter but used his knowledge 
of the teachings to escape before he died.

The place he escaped to is a place where souls pass on their way to reincarnation. 
It's a mystical region between life and death called Limbo. Metaphysical and magical laws are amplified in limbo.

Yen-Lo somehow figured out a way to hide out there. As long as he stays there his wound will never advance. He can literally cheat death forever. 
Yen-Lo can use any surface of water as a portal but he can only stay in the real world for short periods. Otherwise, his wound will ultimately kill him.

He was trapped in the dragon-blade by Phoebe and removed from limbo by the Zen-Master.

4x04 Zen MasterZen-Master



4x04 An LingAn-Ling



4x04 Dragon blade

The Dragon blade has the power to trap human souls and is the only way to stop Yen-Lo.



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Background info:



After witnessing Phoebe training with Cole, Paige becomes enamoured with her older sister's powers and her exciting life style. Piper attempts to help her learn her craft, but while the eldest Halliwell is gone, Paige accidentally switches bodies with Phoebe. As the two sisters try and master their different powers, they struggle to hide their secret from Piper, who later switches bodies herself.

Writer: Daniel Cerone  
Director: Joel Feigenbaum  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: This is the first time Paige uses her orbing-telekinetic power to orb an object without calling for it.

Paige: Next up, some powered toadstool. Bam! Let's kick it up one more notch.
While practicing her potion-making, Paige imitates Chef Emeril Lagasse by using his catch phrases ("Bam" and "kick it up a notch")
Title reference: Refers to the famous kung-fu movie starring Bruce Lee, "Enter the Dragon" (there also appears a dragon-blade in this episode)  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Jeanne Chinn (An Ling)
James Hong (Zen Master)
Jacobi Wynne (Mason)
Daniel Dae Kim (Yen Lo)
Jamison Yang (Shopkeeper)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Leo: Whoa, what - what are you doing? 
Paige: You know, just preparing for the Source. 
Leo: Oh, is he coming over for dinner?

Transcript yes  
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