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Title: 4x03 Hell hath no fury  
Creatures: 4x03 DemonThis upper level demon has the power to incinerate human flesh with his eyes. He preys on the weak and powerful alike and will kill whomever he views as a treat to his prestige and power.
Great caution should be used when encountering this demon.
was vanquished by Piper.


4x03 FuriesFuries are demons who punish evil doers but have no temptress. They go after a shoplifter as soon as a murderer and they take great pleasure in the kill. 
When they focus their thoughts on someone, they force him to hear the cries of all his former victims. Fury smoke kills bad people but in good people, it looks for a portal of unexpressed fury, builds until it consumes humanity and turns you into a fury.
Furies move around by smoking in and out.

Some furies were vanquished by Cole.


to call for Piper 
(while she is a fury)
blood of an evil doer is needed:

Power of the sisters rise, 
course unseen across the skies, 
come to us who call you near ...
Come to us and settle here. 
Blood to blood, 
I summon thee, 
blood to blood, 
return to me.

Vanishing Spell:

Let the object of objection 
become but a dream, 
as I cause the seen 
to be unseen

to convince someone to a compromise:

These words will travel through the minds of stubborn parties and unbind, 
the thoughts too ridged to be kind, 
a compromise they'll disentwine

Instant Karma Spell
(to make a demon feel the pain he inflicts):

Let Cruelty, Pain,
And Evil Ways
Follow this Villain
Through all his Days.
Reverse the Torment
He creates
To turn on him
A crueler Fate

to reverse a karma spell used for revenge
or undo a backfired spell
(write original spell on paper and burn while chanting):

Guided spirits, hear our plea
annul this magic
let it be
please let it be

BoS image: 4x03 Compromise spell4x03 Furies4x03 Instant Karma Spell4x03 Vanishing spell  
Background info:



Paige accidentally treats herself to a crash course in the rules of Wicca, when she steals the Book of Shadows from the manor. The numerous spells she casts, all with the best of intentions, lead to a consequence she hadn't quite prepared for. Meanwhile Piper goes on a demon vanquishing spree, showing little regard for her own safety. This leads to problems when the furies recruit her, tapping into her anger over Prue's death. And even as Phoebe, Cole and Leo try to bring her back, it is up to Paige to save the sister she barely knows.  

Writer: Krista Vernoff  
Director: Chris Long  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Cole first learns about the Woogyman/Nexus from 1x15. He will used this information against the Charmed Ones later.

This is the first time that Piper refers to Paige as her sister.

The Book of Shadows can not be photocopied.

Paige can take the Book of Shadows out of the manor.

The vanishing spell is used for the first time.

Cole: She has no regard for her life or anyone else's. She's Charles Bronson cubed.
Charles Bronson can be described as the archetypal screen tough guy with weatherbeaten features.

Title reference: The title is from a poem by William Congreve "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Who Am I
Artist: Lilly Frost
Album: Lunamarium
Co-Starring: David Reivers (Bob Cowan)
Ken Feinberg (Demon)
Becky Wahlstrom (Lila)
Ben Tolpin (Billy)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Cole: Speaking of, do we have any kind of plan here orů
Piper: The plan is to vanquish the demon.
Cole: Great. Any chance you've mastered your powers or are you still freezing and exploding at random?

Transcript yes  
Book of Shadows

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