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Title: 4x02 Charmed again  

4x01 The SourceThe Source



4x01 Oracle

The Oracle


4x02 Gargoyles
In their resting state Gargoyles are like statues 
but they
come alive to ward off evil.

Eons ago good and evil agreed to a 48 hours window of opportunity to protect free will. In this time a nascent witch who hasn't chosen to use her powers for good or evil yet can decide her side. The witch can not be forced to chose one side but it is possible to sway her or him either way.


Enchantment spell (to identify evil):

Magic forces far and wide, 
Enchant these so those can't hide, 
Allow this witch to use therein, 
So she can reveal the evil within

BoS image: 4x02 Enchantment spell  
Background info:


Summary: When Phoebe and Piper discover the existence of their baby half-sister, Paige, they are hopeful that they can reconstitute the formidable Power of Three, but The Source has a mythological two-day window during which he can turn Paige evil forever.  
Writer: Brad Kern  
Director: Mel Damski  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Paige owned a canary bird called Oscar. It gets killed by The Source.

Paige was delivered to Sister Agnes on 2nd August 1977.

Paige discovers her power of orbing things.
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Kim Little (Carol Grisanti)
Wendy Phillips (Sister Agnes)
Bennet Guillory (The Source)
Jordan Bridges (Shane)
Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell)
Krista Allen (The Oracle)
Yancey Arias (Inspector Cortez)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Cole: Okay, so, uh, maybe Leo and I should go uh… pretend like we got something 
better to do.
Transcript yes  
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