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Title: 3x21 Look who's barking  
Creatures: 3x21 BansheeBanshees are former witches who turned into demons who feeds on souls and great pain. They are rare.
They hunt for their victims with a high pitched call which is beyond human range to hear. The find their victims by hearing the inner cry by zeroing in on the waves of pain that emanate from the stricken, then their call turns into a scream that kills.
They have an insatiable appetite for pain and feed every night.

A Banshee’s scream doesn’t kill a witch but turns her into Banshees. If she kills just one person then, she stays a Banshee forever.

The banshee was killed by Piper.


to track a Banshee:

The piercing cry that feeds on pain, 
and leaves more sorrow than a gain, 
shall now be heard by one who seeks, 
to stop the havoc that it wreaks

This turns a person into a dog which can hear the screams
Once the Banshee is vanquished, the spell reverses itself

BoS image: 3x21 Banshee3x21 Banshee3x21 Summon Belthazor3x21 Belthazor  
Background info:



Madness ensues at Halliwell manor when a tracking spell goes awry, turning Prue into a dog. Soon enough, Phoebe, still suffering from her apparent break up with Cole, is transformed into a banshee leaving Piper to try and return her sisters to normal while battling for control of her own unpredictable power.

Writer: Curtis Kheel, Monica Breen and Alison Schapker  
Director: John Behring  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Cole magically changes his blood so that vanquishing potions made from the piece of flesh cut off in 3x07 "Power outage" will not work on him anymore.

Prue: Geez, who let the dogs out?
The song "Who Let the Dogs Out?" is song by the Baha Men

Piper: Hi, Cujo, who you growling at?
Cujo is a 1983 movie about a St. Bernard that contracts rabies and goes crazy, terrorizing a small town in the US. More Info

Phoebe: (to Piper, after she accuses Phoebe of being in denial about her feelings for Cole) "Okay, well... If you'll forgive me, Dr. Laura, I have a different demon to worry about."
Dr. Laura (Schlessinger) is a syndicated radio call-in show MFCC (a marriage/family/children counselor).

Prue: I think you're barking up the wrong demon
A play on the phrase "Barking up the wrong tree"

Phoebe wrote about Cole in the Book of Shadows:
Cole's Human Form:
Cole likes walks in the park, jazz, fine wine, he's ticklish (toe and waist especially), he's an excellent salsa dancer; pretends [........]
He likes steaks medium rare and artichokes.
PS great in bed, good stamina.
[........] /Cole Turner
father: Benjamin (human)
mother: Elizabeth (demon)

The dog in this episode is a Sibirian Husky.
Title reference: Probably a play on the title of a popular movie, "Look Who's Talking", in which a baby's thoughts are revealed through voice-over.  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Give Me A Reason 
Artist: The Corrs 
Album: In Blue

Artist: The Corrs 
Album: In Blue 
Co-Starring: Matt Battaglia (Guy)
Joe E. Tata (Inspector)
Michael Bailey Smith (Belthazor)
Newell Alexander (Widower)
Eric Castro (Man)
Dianna Miranda (Woman)
Jack Orend (Alchemist Demon)
Ashley Tisdale (Runaway Teen)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Prue: The bill, from the window repair guy.
Piper: Oh, ouch.
Phoebe: Yeah, we really keep that guy in business, don’t we?

Transcript yes  
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