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Book of Shadows > Season 3  
Title: 3x19 The demon who came in from the cold  
Creatures: 3x19 Vornac

Vornac is second in command of the Brotherhood of the Thorn 
and has the ability to shape-shift into anyone.

Vornac was vanquished by Phoebe.

The Brotherhood Of the Thorn is an elite society of upper level demons. They answer directly to the Source who selects the members himself. The members take a blood oath, a life-long pledge of loyalty.
One of their goals is to get a hold in the human world by taking over business.

3x19 KleaKlea, a demon and member of the Brotherhood. She is able to watch while being invisible except of her eyes.

3x19 TarkinTarkin, demon member of the brotherhood.

Some prophets are magical seers who can pre-see actual events. Usually they are loud and dirty, so people ignore them.



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Background info: -  

Cole struggles to stay good as he goes undercover to get info out of the evil Brotherhood, which claims him as a member. Meanwhile as Phoebe worries about her half demonic boyfriend, she finds some surprising support in Prue and suspicion in Piper.

Writer: Sheryl J. Anderson  
Director: Anson Williams  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: -  
Title reference: The title refers to the novel/movie "The Spy Who Came In From the Cold" by John Le Carré.  
Bloopers: -  
Music: Planets Of The Universe 
Artist: Stevie Nicks  
Album: Trouble In Shangri-La 
Co-Starring: Jennifer Tung (Klea)
Joseph D. Reitman (Tarkin)
Ian Buchanan (Raynor)
Gregory Scott Cummins (Vornac)
Jim Jansen (Professor Kass)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Piper: The Internet provider? What, the demons want their own website now?  
Transcript yes  
Book of Shadows

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