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Book of Shadows > Season 3  
Title: 3x13 Bride and gloom  
Creatures: 3x13 DantalianDantalian, high priestess of the underworld. 
Dantalian bestows great powers upon those she binds as husband and wife. By tricking one of the Charmed Ones into marrying the shapeshifter Zille she gains influence upon her and her sisters and as consequence of the Book of Shadows as well. She is able to cloak her activities.

She was vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

3x13 ZileZile, warlock with the ability to change his appearance.

He was vanquished by Phoebe and Piper.
This broke the bond and reversed all the evil Piper and Phoebe had done.


dark binding:

In the beginning, we were damned,
and through damnation,
we found freedom, power, and purpose.
As I unite you today, I remind you of those gifts.
And in your union,
may these gifts increase your powers may grow in the service of evil.
So be it

Ritual of the Dark Priestess:

Through this book
Weave this spell
Create the pain of heaven to hell
May she suffer

to vanquish Dantalian:

Powers of light, magic of right,
cast this blight into forever's night

evil Book of Shadows:

Hemlock Killing Spell:

Betask of Hemlock, do your deed
Blood of life, will you impede
Poisoned bark, will stop the breath
And in the bud, will bring death

To Kill a Female Warlock:

Through the book, cast the spell
Bring the death, of evil and hell
May she suffer, until she cries
Her tears will run, and then she dies

BoS image: -3x13 Evil Book of Shadows3x13 Evil Book of Shadows3x13 Evil Book of Shadows  
Background info: -  

Prue's forced marriage to a warlock has serious repercussions in the Halliwell household when evil spreads from her to her sisters and their book. As Dantalian, a dark priestess, steals the Book of Shadows, Piper and Phoebe reveal in their new powers, with horrible consequences.

Writer: William Schmidt  
Director: Chris Long  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Although against her will Prue was the first sister to marry.

Cole returns to Phoebe.

Evil can't love.
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Una Damon (Dantalian)
Tom O'Brien (Zille)
Chad Willett (Justin Harper)
Michael Bailey Smith (Belthazor)
Tracey Costello (Marie)
Jason Tomlins (Waiter)
D.C. Douglas (Craig)
Michael Bailey Smith (Belthazor)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Phoebe: Oh, yeah, Leo, sorry we killed you.  
Transcript yes  
Book of Shadows

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