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Title: 3x09 Coyote Piper  

3x09 KierkanKierkan, alchemist.
Using metaphysical tools and dark magic, Alchemists can transform any substance into another.
For example, an Alchemist's powers can turn water into gold and energy into matter.
Sometimes, these demons also have the innate ability to transform the dead into the living by calling the souls back into corpses.
Kierkan was vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

Life essence
A life essence is comparable to a human soul, but made in a mixing lab. A well-made life essence can possess any living being, but would prove toxic and eventually 
lethal to the being’s pre-existing soul.
An Alchemist would use a bottle (essence bearer) to capture and/or store a life essence

Other alchemist's tools are
Crimson Scapel
This ceremonial instrument is used by an Alchemist to make an incision in a body.
The Demon uses spells and an incantation on the blood and lets it drip into a magic Essence Bearer, where it thickens to form an essence. Other ingredients make it a fully-formed Life Essence.

Blazing Alembic
This apparatus transforms matter into energy. The Alchemist deposits matter in this device and heats it over a ritualistic flame. after the Alchemist invokes Dark Spirits, the matter distills into energy
which can be manipulated for evil purposes.

This contraption transforms one type of matter into another. An Alchemist
places the initial substance inside the first cylinder. Then, as the Alchemist
chants, the substance magically materializes in the second cylinder
in an entirely different form.

Spells: to bring back the dead:
Caducas exanimas vita aetas anima

to vanquish an Alchemist:
Let flesh be flesh and bone be bone,
The alchemist shall transform none,
Cruel scientist of evil born,
With these words face the fire's scorn

to end the possession by Terra:
Host soul reject the poison essence
Let love's light end this cruel possession
BoS image: 3x09 Alchemist  
Background info: Alchemy  
Summary: As Phoebe tries to sort out Cole's past, Prue attempts to help Piper get ready for her dreaded high school reunion. Things for the middle Halliwell only get worse though, when she's possessed by Terra, a life essence made by the alchemist Kierkan, who can only leave her body if Piper is killed.  
Writer: Krista Vernoff  
Director: Chris Long  
Timeline: early 2001, approx. 1 week after 3x08, 10 years after Piper's highschool graduation  
Trivia: Shannen Doherty receives a choreography credit for this episode because she choreographed Piper's bar dance.

One of the men to whom Piper, possessed by the essence, gives a shot of booze during her bar dance is David Donoho, her then boyfriend and now husband who used to work as a key grip on the show.

Source: Charmed The Power of Three

Phoebe learns that Cole's father was human.  Benjamin Coleridge Turner was born in 1859 and died in 1888. Cole was born in 1885.
In a vision she sees that his mother was a demon who killed his father to take the boy with her.

To trick Terra and get Leo's attention Piper pretends his name is Tom.

There are rumours that Holly Marie Combs had a double for her performance on the bar.

Prue: You know, she was kind of like Jan Brady, the middle sister, not quite sure where she fits in.
Jan Brady, a character of "The Brady Bunch" was first seen in September 1969, Friday nights on ABC. In this series, Michael Paul Brady marries Carol Ann Tyler Martin and they combine their families. Mike had three sons from a previous marriage and Carol had three daughters also from a previous marriage. So thus we have two parents (Mike and Carol), six kids (Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby & Cindy), one housekeepeer (Alice), and the family dog (Tiger), all living under one roof. Thus setting the scene for one of the most popular family sitcoms of all-time.


Piper: I don't know, maybe we should've gone back to the Betsy Johnson. You know, the cool club chick look as opposed to the classy club owner look.
New York designer Betsey Johnson has built a long standing career in fashion.
Known for her celebration of the exuberant and over the top she has been rocking the fashion industry with unique and original designs.


Justin: Yeah, I still think you might have a poltergeist.
Read more about Poltergeists.

Title reference: The title of this episode comes from the 2000 movie "Coyote Ugly" which was about young women in New York City who worked at a bar which was famous for the fact the bartenders (who were all female) were very crazy and danced on the bars, flirted with the male customers, and were all around very slutty the way that Piper was after she was possessed. Also, as a separate irony, the first name of the actress who played the lead in the movie was Piper.  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Unbelievable 
Artist: EMF 
Album: Coyote Ugly Soundtrack

New Sensation 
Artist: INSX 
Album: INXS - Greatest Hits

Ten Years Later 
Artist: Collective Soul 
Album: Blender 

Co-Starring: Chad Willett (Justin Harper)
Sabine Singh (Missy)
Rainn Wilson (Kierkan)
Paige Rowland (Terra)
Andrew Bowen (Businessman)
Phillip Boyd (Drunk Guy)
Debra Mayer (Mother)
Jessica Randle (AA Woman)
Adrianne Alvarez (Historical Society Clerk)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Piper to Terra: What the hell kind of demon has a panic attack when her boyfriend comes to visit?  
Transcript yes  
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