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Book of Shadows > Season 3  
Title: 3x08 Sleuthing with the enemy  
Creatures: 3x08 Krell

Krell, a demonic bounty hunter whose only purpose is to destroy witches and demons who have fallen from grace with the Source.
He can track Belthazor's scent, his blood, when he is in his demonic form but not his human one.

Evil frequents cemeteries, therefore it is difficult to track a demon there.
He was vanquished by Cole.

Potions/Rituals: to vanquish Belthazor:

Pig's Feet
a dash of cardamom
a pinch of carrot seeds
elm bark
Slice of demons flesh (Balthazar)

Mix the ingredients in a pot over fire with boiling water. Then add the demons flesh

This potion works for all upper level demons as long as you add a piece of flesh of the respective demon.

to vanquish Belthazor
(potion and piece of the demon's flesh needed):

Spirits of air, forests and sea, 
set us of this demon free; 
beasts of hoof and beasts of shell, 
drive this evil back to hell

to summon Belthazor:

Magic forces black and white, 
reaching out through space and light, 
be he far or be he near, 
bring us the demon Belthazor here  

BoS image: 3x08 Summon Belthazor3x08 Vanquish Belthazor  
Background info: -  

Prue and Piper team up with a demon named Krell to track down Belthazor. Meanwhile, Phoebe is forced to make a terrible choice after she discovers the truth about Cole.

Writer: Peter Hume  
Director: Noel Nosseck  
Timeline: end 2000, 1 week after 3x07, 2 months after the triad sent Belthazor  

Phoebe fakes Cole's death

Title reference: Refers to the movie "Sleeping with the enemy"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Scott MacDonald (Krell)
Keith Diamond (Reece Davidson)
Mike Rad (Homeless Man)
Charles Walker (Pastor)
Michael Bailey Smith (Belthazor)
Lynn Tufeld (Mourner)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Piper: We're gonna vanquish Phoebe's boyfriend? That's gonna cause some problems.  
Transcript yes  
Book of Shadows

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