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Title: 3x06 Primrose empath  

Vinceres is a demonic assassin, a timeless, unstoppable hit man who keeps going until he gets his target. He is immune to witchs power. 
Vince possesses the power to burn people with the touch of his hand.
An empath cursed Vince by passing on his gift to him to make him feel the pain that he inflicts. However he could trick Prue to remove them so that she unknowingly received them instead.

Vince was vanquished by Prue's astral projection with the human emotions she could read.

Empaths are mortals who can actually feel what other people feel. It's a rare gift. 
Empaths often blend into society as councilors, elders, teachers. 
They use their sensitivity to guide mortals, ease their pain, even heal them.


to remove the empathic skills:

Free the empath release his gift, 
let his pain be cast adrift

BoS image: 3x06 Vinceres  
Background info: Empathy  

Prue casts a misguided spell that releases Vince a demon from his curse, while at the same time turning her into an empath, able to feel all the pain in the world. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo try to put a little normalcy into their relationship, while Phoebe tries to understand why Cole is pulling away from her.

Writer: Daniel Cerone  
Director: Mel Damski  
Timeline: November 2000, one week after 3x05 Sight unseen  
Trivia: Vince had to live with the empath skill for four years.

Encouraged by Prue Phoebe confesses her love to Cole and he responds.

3x06 IdolThe music guests at P3 are Idol.
Title reference: It most likely refers to the movie "Primrose path"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Shameless 
Artist: Idol 
Album: Unknown 
Co-Starring: Morgan Weisser (Vince)
Harry Groener (Father Thomas)
Larry Weissman (Mental Patient 1)
Marianne Muellerleile (Receptionist #2)
Ty Lipshaw (Foreman)
Sharon Madden (Secretary)
Collin McClean (Dentist)
Brittany Sabaski (Receptionist)
Randy Thompson (Deputy)
Wendy Worthington (Nurse)
Jill Brennan (Mrs. Traister)
Marcy Goldman (Woman)
Cesar Lopapa (Salvador)
Barna Moricz (Joey)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Nurse: And who are you here to visit today?
Phoebe: Um, we came to visit our father.
Nurse: What's his name?
Phoebe: Dad?
Transcript yes  
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