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Book of Shadows > Season 3  
Title: 3x05 Sight unseen  
Creatures: 3x05 Troxa

Troxa is a demon who can turn invisible. His ectoplasmic biochemistry is sensitive to cold however and then he becomes partially or totally visible. He can't feel cold though. He was sent by the triad. Troxa can turn invisible but he can not go through solid objects.

He failed to kill the Charmed Ones and was vanquished by the triad.

3x05 Belthazor
Belthazor human form, Cole Turner

Belthazor, an infamous demonic soldier of fortune and one of the most evil vile creatures there is. 
Belthazor is an upper level demon who likes to kill witches using an athame, sometimes with energy balls
. Amongst his powers are shimmering, zapping, telekinesis and pyrokinesis. In his human form he is known as Cole Turner, and poses as assistant district attorney.

The Book of Shadows entry is as follows:
Beware of this demonic soldier of fortune. Both powerful and dangerous he has destroyed countless of witches, innocents and demons.
As sinister as he is intelligent, he is not to be trusted. Belthazor's known abilities include throwing energy balls and shimmering from place to place but his powers are probably not limited to those capabilities.
Because there is no known way to defeat him, Belthazor should be avoided by all costs.


3x05 AbbeyAbbey, barmaid in P3. She became obsessed with Prue, started to stalk her and finally tried to kill her to take her place.

Abbey is knocked out by Prue (and probably sentenced to jail later on).



Crystal cage:

Cast a spell over siderite crystals and place on the floor around a bait or in a five-point pattern. A remote warning stone will glow when the area of influence is entered and the crystals forming the trap will emit highly charged energies. Add or remove a crystal to close or open the trap.


BoS image: 3x05 Belthazor3x05 Troxa3x05 Troxa  
Background info: -  

Prue suspects that a demon is after them when someone breaks into the Manor. She manages to trap Troxa but is he is not the only one after her.
Meanwhile Phoebe and Cole continue their relationship while Piper struggles to get closer to Leo under the scrutiny of the whitelighters.

Writer: William Schmidt  
Director: Perry Lang  
Timeline: November 2000  
Trivia: In this episode the sisters have air conditioning in the house.

Leo installs an alarm system.

It is the first time they use the crystal cage.

Phoebe and Cole exchange their first kisses.

3x05 Marvellous 3Marvellous 3 play at P3.
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Beautiful
Artist: Marvelous 3 
Album: Readysexgo

Artist: Marvelous 3 
Album: Readysexgo

Cold As Hell 
Artist: Marvelous 3 
Album: Readysexgo 
Co-Starring: Boti Ann Bliss (Abbey)
Rick Hearst (Troxa)
Eddie Cahill (Sean)
Michael Bailey Smith (Belthazor)
Nick Meaney (Snakehunter)
Amir Aboulela (Evil Triad Member #1)
Rick Overton (Evil Triad Member #2)
Shaun Taub (Evil Triad Member #3)
Karen Stapleton (Rachel)
Marvelous 3 (Themselves)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Piper: What is this?
Prue: A way to always be prepared.
Phoebe: These are very big contraceptives, Prue.
Prue: They are sneakers, alright.

Transcript yes  
Book of Shadows

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