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Title: 3x01 The Honeymoon is over  
3x01 Judge William Hamilton 3x01 Judge William Hamilton
Judge William Hamilton demon form

This demon uses guardians for his purposes.
He was vanquished by Cole Turner.

3x01 Emilio SmithEmilio Smith is a mortal killer, protected by a guardian.

3x01 Guardian The killer carves a demonic symbol (an upside-down triangle) into its victimís forehead which is an opening by which the guardians steal an innocent soul. In exchange, the Guardian offers protection of the mortal evil. They help mortal criminals to spread evil.
Guardians are killed like vampires, with a stake

Two guardians were vanquished by Prue.

3x01 Cole Turnerread more about Cole Turner



BoS image: 3x01 Guardians  
Background info: Athame  

Phoebe and Prue unwittingly end up in the middle of a murder investigation. But when their secret prevents them from helping the prosecutor, the demonic killer goes free.  Phoebe gets a new power (levitation) and meets the assistant district attorney Cole Turner who will play an important role in her life.
Meanwhile, Piper and Leo return after a month long visit to Whitelighter land. After discovering that his superiors have forbidden their relationship, the lovestruck whitelighter makes quite the proposal.

Writer: Brad Kern  
Director: Jim Conway  
Timeline: October 2000  
Trivia: Julian McMahon joins the cast.

Phoebe receives a new power - levitation.

Piper can now freeze selectively.

Leo proposes to Piper.

3x01 The Barenaked LadiesThe Barenaked Ladies are the music guests at P3

Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Pinch Me 
Artist: Barenaked Ladies 
Album: Maroon 
Co-Starring: Stoney Jackson (P.D. Alan Sloan)
Harry Danner (Judge William Hamilton)
Fleming Brooks (Emilio Smith)
Anthony Montgomery (Paramedic)
Barenaked Ladies (Themselves)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Phoebe: All I know is Cole is an angel. He was awesome in that court room yesterday.
Prue: See something you like, sis?
Phoebe: Maybe, or maybe it's just nice to run into someone that's not a college boy. More years, less hormones.
Prue: Yeah, not a bad butt either.

Transcript yes  
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