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Title: 2x21 Apocalypse, not  

2x21 Horsemen of the ApocalypseThe four horsemen of the Apocalypse, anointed ones, 
In the hierarchy of demons they are high up, they are ferocious, impossible to vanquish. Only the Source can kill them. 
They are War, Strife, Famine and Death. 
The horsemen wear a tattoo, the omega which stands for the end. 

The 4 horsemen were vanquished by the Source because they failed.

Demon of Cruelty
The work of this demon is particularly insidious. This demon hardens the heart and corrodes the soul, leaving the soul vulnerable to all manner of evil. The demon of cruelty is a vicious opponent and she must be approached with great caution. She can be disarmed only by the pure in heart. That one must place a garland around her neck and then invoke hope, joy and love to use the pearls to cleanse the demon of her cruelty.

Demon of Anarchy
You will know this demon by the destruction he leaves in his wake.
His goal is to destroy all order, to confound all harmony, to disrupt all peace. He thrives on the chaos that results when mortals are split asunder from the structure of
their lives.
To defeat this demon you must administer the potion below while chantiing the spell

Potions/Rituals: mix juice of one pomegrante,
with two measures of honey,
fold in three bay leaves, three laurel leaves,
and one clover blossom,
steam, then decant into a glass globe.
wrap the globe in blue velvet

to vanquish the demon of Anarchy:  :
Recited simultaneously with an evil incantation in a dead language while all attendants stand at the points of a pentagramm and a potion is applied it opens a vortex into a plane between good and evil.

Sower of discord, 
Your works now must cease
I vanquish thee now
With these words of peace

to re-open the vortex:

Sower of discord
Your help we implore
I summon thee now
With these words of truce

BoS image: 2x21 Demon of Cruelty2x21 Demonof Cruelty  
Background info: Horsemen of the Apocalypse  

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse show up in San Francisco bringing with them madness, mayhem, and plans for worldwide destruction. While facing off, each with their own spell, the Horsemen and the Halliwells accidentally banish Prue and one of the men to another plain of existence. Piper and Phoebe decide to work with the remaining Horsemen in order to retrieve their lost sister. But they must reconsider their decision when they learn that the return of the last horsemen may bring about the apocalypse.

Writer: Sanford Golden  
Director: Michael Zinberg  
Timeline: late 2000  
Trivia: 2x21 Paula ColePaula Cole plays at P3

It is the first time that The Source is mentioned.
Title reference: Refers to the movie "Apocalypse now"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Amen
Artist: Paula Cole
Album: Amen

Be Somebody
Artist: Paula Cole
Album: Amen

Artist: Everything But the Girl
Album: Temperamental
Co-Starring: Patrick Kilpatrick (Death)
Jeff Ricketts (Famine)
Geoffrey Blake (Strife)
Brian Thompson (War)
Kevin Ramsey (Bartender)
Kenneth Cortland (Assistant)
Gannon Brown (Worker #1)
Peter Asle Holden (Worker #2)
Paula Cole (Herself)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Phoebe: Yeah, but I gotta hand it to those pesky little demons. They sure have brought us closer together.
Prue: Maybe you should write them a thank you note.

Transcript yes  
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