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Title: 2x18 Chick flick  

2x18 Demon of IllusionThe goal of the demon of illusion is to create violence in society. He spreads violence, prays on people that are already open to it.
He can release fictional characters from movies which can only be vanquished the same way they get killed in the movies

He was vanquished by Prue by melting the film roll of "Kill it before it dies".


to vanquish the demon of illusion:

Evil that has traveled near, 
I call on you to disappear, 
elementals hear my call, 
remove this creature from these walls

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Summary: Piper and Leo's first date doesn't go exactly as planned when they see Dan at the next table with a date of his own. Prue discovers that the photographer she idolized isn't exactly the person she thought he was. And the sisters learn that horror movies and witchcraft don't mix after a demon sends film's nastiest villains after them.  
Writer: Zack Estrin and Chris Levinson  
Director: Michael Schultz  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: This episode borrows elements of the plots of the films The Purple Rose of Cairo and Pleasantville.

Source: Charmed The Power of Three

Phoebe's favourite movie is "Kill it before it dies".

Piper: I am being stalked by psycho killers and I hide in the shower?!
This refer to the famous scene in the classic Alfred Hitchcock horror film "Psycho" which premiered in 1960, where the victim was killed while taking a shower.

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Bloopers: yes  
Music: Bad way
Artist: Nina Gordon
Album: Tonight And The Rest Of My Life
Co-Starring: Robin Atkin Downes (Demon of Illusions)
Chris Payne Gilbert (Billy)
Mark Lindsay Chapman (Finley Beck)
Kent Faulcon (Gil Corso)
Olivia Summers (Bloody Mary)
Alec Ledd (Film Geek)
Leslie Lauten (Sally Mae)
Michael Rivkin (Cell Phone Guy)
Dale Fabrigar (Irritated Guy)
August Amarino (Projectionist)
J. P. Romano (The Slasher)
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Random quote:

Phoebe: How am I supposed to know what his deal is? He likes moonlit walks, thinks holding hands is under rated, and enjoys in his spare time killing witches.
Piper: It was a question for the room, Pheebs. When a demon makes a house call, my curiosity gets peaked.
Prue: Yeah, well, the house is a mess again. I mean, how come we can't fight the demon of cleanliness or the demon of housekeeping, or even that really big bald guy, Mr. Clean? I would so totally take him on.
Piper: But I don't get is the order of things. Don't we usually start some place dark and dreary and then end up at the manor for the big old vanquish?

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