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Book of Shadows > Season 2  
Title: 2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans  
Creatures: 2x17 Cryto

In the 16th century, Cryto, the demon of vanity,  traveled from dukedom to dukedom, praying on people's vanity, bestowing youth and beauty in exchange for their souls. 
Cryto was found out and skinned alive by a group of witches who believed it would keep his spirit from ever being resurrected again.
However three witches together can summon him and it takes three witches to banish him again.

Cryto was vanquished by the Charmed Ones.


to seperate a witch from her powers:

gypsy blood
mandrake root
nux oil
hemlock root

In a boiling crucible of the blackest lead
combine gypsy blood with a mandrake's head
More of the nightshades will you boil
the henbane, datura and from nux an oil
With hemlock root complete the draught
foul and dark like the might and craft
Of the creator of this brew and her desire
to steal from another for vengeance,
power or ire


to summon Cryto:

We call on the demon Cryto, 
reach back throughout the ages, 
humbled by his power, 
we invite him into our circle

to vanquish  Cryto:

What witches done and them undone, 
return this spirit and back within, 
and separate him from his skin

to seperate a witch from her powers:

Powers of the witches rise, 

course unseen across the skies, 
come to us who call you near, 
come to us and settle here

BoS image: 2x17 Cryto2x17 Seperate witch's power2x17 Call for witch power  
Background info: -  

The sisters are tricked by "aunt" Gail Altman into giving up their powers to Cryto, a demon who grants youth in exchange for a person's soul. Piper is reluctant to help her sisters retrieve their powers after she realizes just how many problems being a witch has brought her. As Phoebe and Prue urge her to reconsider her decision to quit, the demon seeks them out, realizing that the sisters are planning his destruction.

Writer: Javier Grillo Marxuach  
Director: Kevin Inch  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: After the sisters escape Cryto at the gas station, they run away and lean against the side of a building with a bulletin board on it. Tacked on the bulletin board is a flyer for SWA Properties, the real estate company where Phoebe worked in "From Fear to Eternity".

Source: Charmed The Power of Three

From this episode on Phoebe needs glasses to read.

The girls learn that Grams has regular meetings with other witches, one of them is Aunt Gail. These witches had no magical powers.

In this episode Piper breaks up with Dan.
Title reference: The title of the episode is a reference to the movie "How to make an American quilt"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Seventeen Again
Artist: The Eurythmics
Album: Peace

Artist: Catatonia
Album: Equally Cursed And Blessed
Co-Starring: Anne Haney (Aunt Gail)
Cameron Bancroft (Cryto)
Pamela Gordon (Amanda)
Lucy Lee Flippin (Helen)
Julia Lee (Young Gale)
John Gowans (Mr. York)
Bill Wiley (Caddie Guy #1)
Charles C. Stevenson Jr. (Caddie Guy #2)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Phoebe: I didn't see that. And don't tell me I need glasses, okay, because anybody could've missed that.
Prue: Phoebe, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing glasses. I mean, I wear them.
Phoebe: I know, but you're older.

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