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Title: 2x16 Murphy's luck  

2x16 Darklighter

In general Darklighters seduce innocent women. Their goal is to create evil through reproduction. Their power is in their hands and when they choose you they have the touch of death. They also uses crossbows and poisoned arrows. Darklighters' poison can't be reversed. It kills Whitelighters

There is a certain type of Darklighter that drives future Whitelighters to commit suicide which is the only way to keep a Whitelighter from becoming one.
They curse their victims, bring them self doubt, bad luck, the kind that hurts other people. They reinforce that by praying on their thoughts, make them think that they are responsible for all the pain when they’re actually not, use telepathic suggestion to drive them to commit suicide.

To find a darklighter you need a whitelighter because they can sense each other.

This darklighter has been defeated by Prue and orbed away by Leo.


good luck spell
(substitute "Maggie" with any name):

From this moment on your pain is erased, 
your bad luck as well, 
enjoy your good luck Maggie, 
you're free from this hell

to banish bad luck:
Sage so fair from far and wide, 
Take my troubles and cast them aside

BoS image: 2x16 Darklighter  
Background info: -  

Prue's new boss sends her to get a picture of Maggie Murphy, now known as the unluckiest woman in San Francisco. It turns out that Maggie's bad luck was being caused by a darklighter. After helping her escape her curse, Prue becomes the darklighter's next target and is suddenly plagued by her own run of bad luck. 
In the meantime, Piper tells Leo that she loves him but that she is unwilling to restart their relationship until she is able to break up with Dan face to face.

Writer: David Simkins  
Director: John Behring  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Desperate to help the sisters Leo asks to become a whiteligher again.

In the opening scene in which Prue is being interviewed, the band Four Star Mary – who fronts for "Dingos Ate My Baby" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer – is being photographed in the background.

Source: Charmed The Power of Three
Title reference: A reference to Murphy's Law, "If anything can go wrong, it will"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Lucky
Artist: Bif Naked
Album: I Bificus

Artist: Tara MacLean
Album: Passenger
Co-Starring: Arnold Vosloo (Darklighter)
Amy Adams (Maggie Murphy)
Kent Faulcon (Gil Corso)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Dan: You miss me?
(Leo motions to Piper if she wants him to leave the room.)
Piper: (to Leo) No.
Dan: Really?
Piper: Uh, I was talking to the cat.

Transcript yes  
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