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Title: 2x14 Pardon my past  

2x14 Anton

Anton is a warlock.who has fallen in love with Phoebe in her past life and turned her evil. Evil Phoebe should help him getting the powers of her cousins by killing them.

P. Bowen and P. Bexter. killed evil Phoebe. Since they did not want the risk that Anton and Phoebe ever could get together they cursed them.

Anton was vanquished by Prue and Piper

Past life

Souls evolve, grow from one lifetime to the next. A past life coming back to haunt the present one is very rare but sometimes a past life tries to warn you.

People in past lifes probably look the same to you because your soul recognized their souls. We all tend to travel in the same circle of family, friends, even enemies throughout our various lives. Souls recognize each other so people can keep finding each other.


Curse for evil Phoebe:

Evil witch in my sight.
Vanquish thyself. Vanquish thy might. 
In this and every future life

Past life spell:

Remove the chains of time and space and make my spirit sore
Let these mortal arms embrace the life that haunts before

to switch life forces with Past Life:

In this time and in this place, 
take the spirit I displace. 
Bring it fourth while I go back, 
to inhabit a soul so black

BoS image: 2x14 Paslife spell  
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Phoebe starts to have visions about her past life and learns that she was working with Anton, a warlock, to kill her cousins, who each hold a striking resemblance to Prue and Piper. Meanwhile, Piper learns that she and Leo were lovers in the past, but that she was married to Dan. 

Writer: Michael Gleason  
Director: J. Pare  
Timeline: 17-02-2000  
Trivia: The song the vocalist sings in the speakeasy, "If You Were the Only Girl In the World," was a popular song during the First World War era. Written in 1916 by Clifford Grey (music) and Nat D. Ayer (lyrics), it was taken from a hit musical from the same year, The Bing Boys Are Here. The song was covered by many musicians, such as Perry Como, Dean Martin and Lawrence Welk.

Charmed The Power of Three
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: The Homecoming Song
Artist: Owsley
Album: Owsley

Can't Stand It
Artist: Wilco
Album: Summer Teeth
Co-Starring: Tyler Christopher (Anton)
Daveigh Chase (little Christina Larson)
Jeanette Miller (Adult Christina Larson)
Susan Savage (Classy Woman)
Lauri Hendler (Socialite)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Leo: So I, uh, hope youre not still upset with me. You know, for not telling you about our past lives together.
Piper: Im not letting you off the hook for that just yet. Im still not quite sure what it even means.
Leo: Well, Id like to think it means, uh, were destined to be together. (The doorbell rings) Saved by the bell. (He opens the door and sees Dan) Or not.

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