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Title: 2x13 Animal pragmatism  

2x13 Snake manSnake man - one of the three animals that were turned into humans by three girls using a spell Phoebe told them and that has been replayed from tape. Since the spell ends after 24 hours the former animals try to get to Phoebe to force her to turn them into permanently humans. They do not hesitate to use violance or kill for their purposes. Each of the animal men behaves and has characteristics similar to the animals they were (snake, rabbit, pig).
Phoebe finally casts a spell that turns them into humans but they get caught by the police and go to jail.

General rule for spells: First you say what's lacking and then what's needed
A spell can be as simple as lighting a candle and saying a prayer of thanks. 

Keep in mind that you can't get into magic without dealing with the consequences.

Potions/Rituals: to turn humans into animals:

margarita salt
pouch of feathers
not named herbs

add salt to feathers and herbs and recite the spell

to create a mate
(turns animals into men):

From strike of twelve count twenty-four, 
that's how long the spell is for, 
if to abate my lonely heart, 
enchant these gifts I thee impart

to reverse this spell:

Something wicked in our midst, 
in human form these spirits dwell...
Make them animals sayth the spell

This changes everyone into animals

to undo this spell:

Undo the magic acted here, 
reverse the spell so all is clear 

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Background info: Spells
Wiccan rede

A mis-guided spell by a group of college girls turns three animals into men on Valentine's Day. In order to prevent the spell from expiring and turning them back into their non human selves the men look for Phoebe, believing that she can make their transformation more permanent. Meanwhile Prue starts to experience serious boredom as an unemployed member of society and Piper has issues with Dan after she hires Leo on at P3.

Writer: Chris Levinson and Zack Estrin  
Director: Don Kurt  
Timeline: 14-02-2000  
Trivia: Leo, fully human now, works at P3.

Phoebe is vegetarian.

The Valentine's card Leo gave Piper says:
"Piper, when we first met you thought I was just a handyman. Well, I'm just a handyman again. The sane guy you fell in love with. The same guy who fell in love with you. For who you are, not who I think you are. Remember that and know that I'm not giving up."

2x13 Janice RobinsonJanice Robinson plays live at P3.

Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Nothing I Would Change 
Artist: Janice Robinson 
Album: The Color Within Me

Finally Taking Over 
Artist: Janice Robinson 
Album: The Color Within Me  

Search For Love 
Artist: Janice Robinson 
Album: The Color Within Me

I Promise You 
Artist: Judith Owen 
Album: Creatures of Habit
Co-Starring: Steve Monroe (Pig)
Tim Griffin (Rabbit)
Christopher Wiehl (Snake)
Janice Robinson (Herself)
Katie Johnston (Brooke)
Kelly McNair (Andrea)
Rafer Weigel (Ethan)
Lela Lee (Tessa)
Richard Wharton (Professor)
Benton Jennings (Concerned Citizen)
Amber Skalski (Girl)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Piper: Thanks for keeping me company.
Phoebe: Better here than at the club with Prue. Her boredom has turned her into the demon of decoration.

Transcript yes  
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