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Title: 2x09 Ms. Hellfire  

2x09 Mrs. HellfireMs. Hellfire was a mortal contract killer hired by Jessup Bane who worked for the demon Barbas. She was hired to kill 13 witches but failed and was killed by Prue.


2x09 BarbasBarbas, the demon of fear, returns in this episode. He made a deal that gives him a twenty-four hour window to break free but he had to kill some witches. Although he could trick Prue for a while to attack her sisters he was eventually vanquished by her.



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Background info: Astral projection  

Prue takes on the identity of a hit woman who is out hunting witches, including her and her sisters for a criminal called Banes. Meanwhile, Morris finally learns the sisters' secret, and Prue's power begins to grow and she develops astral projection.

Writer: Constance M. Burge and Sheryl J. Anderson  
Director: Craig Zisk  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Prue gets a new power called astral projection.

Darryl Morris learns that the sisters are witches.

Richard Grieco was casted as Jessup Bane but Shannen Doherty disagreed and finally Antonio Sabato jr. got the role.
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Bloopers: yes  
Music: Still After You
Artist: Earth to Andy
Album: Chronicle Kings

Find My Baby
Artist: Moby
Album: Play
Co-Starring: Antonio Sabato Jr (Jessup Bane)
Billy Drago (Barbas)
Courtney Gains (Marcy Steadwell)
Hynden Walch (Ms. Hellfire)
Carlo Castronovo (Wills)
Tom Simmons (Coroner)
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Random quote:

Darryl: Nothing I want to know about. Iím serious. I donít want anything.
Phoebe: Come on, you donít even know if we can fly or anything like that?
Darryl: I donít even wanna know if you own a damn broom, a skillet, a cauldron, a dust buster, I donít give a damn.

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