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Book of Shadows > Season 2  
Title: 2x04 The devil's music  

2x04 Masselin

In exchange for human sacrifice, Masselin will make you rich and powerful for example by attracting successful bands to a manager. 
The demons seeks willing, trusting souls, delivered by the one who sealed the pact. The innocents are devoured by Masselin and consumed for their souls.
The more souls Masselin collects, the more successful his partner becomes. 
The victims trapped within the demon and kept alive, their souls tortured 
for the pleasure he gets from their suffering

Before you vanquish the demon you must free those trapped within him
Masselin was vanquished with a potion by the Charmed Ones.

The potion:
A potion internal
To rid his foul presence
His powers infernal
Are killer with this essence

A collection of Myrrh bark,
Mixed with Sarresh,
Along with crushed Bear Root,
In Water so Fresh.

Combine these together,
Bind them as one,
Contribute Crow Feathers,
Your task is soon done.

The Demon must drink this
To relinquish his victims,
To consume this foul broth
Is his benediction.

Jeff Carlton, mortal
Manager for the band Dishwalla. He made a deal with Masselin for success and wealth in return for feeding him victims. Jeff began to regret the deal but was forced into keeping it.

Spells: -  
BoS image: 2x04 Masselin  
Background info: -  

Piper is thrilled when Leo arranges for Dishwalla to play at her club. Her happiness is short lived though, when she discovers the band's manager Jeff Carlton has made a pact with a soul stealing demon. 

Writer: David Simkins  
Director: Richard Compton  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: 2x04 DishwallaThis is the first time a band (Dishwalla) plays in P3.
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Fortified Grapes
Artist: Gordon
Album: Gordon

Counting Blue Cars
Artist: Dishwalla
Album: Pet Your Friends

Find Your Way Home
Artist: Dishwalla
Album: American Pie Soundtrack

Stay Awake
Artist: Dishwalla
Album: And You Think You Know What Life's About

Until I Wake Up
Artist: Dishwalla
Album: And You Think You Know What Life's About
Co-Starring: Larry Holden (Jeff Carlton)
Alexandra Picatto (Tina Hitchens)
Ralph Garman (DJ)
Robert Madrid (Roadie #1)
Smalls (Bouncer)
Dishwalla (Themselves)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Piper: How is this gonna work?
Phoebe: We're just slip Masselin a little extra-strength antacid. And if the Book of Shadows is right, the should disappear like a demonic gas bubble, freeing his victims, leaving them safe and sound
Piper: Phoebe, we can't even give our cat a vitamin. How are we gonna get this down a demon's throat?

Transcript yes  
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