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Book of Shadows > Season 2  
Title: 2x03 The painted world  

2x03 MalcolmIn the 1920s a witch named Nell tricked the powerful warlock Malcolm into a painting with a hidden spell that only his power of X-Ray vision could see

2x03 Jane FranklinJane Franklin
Malcolm's girlfriend. A witch who possesses the power to start fires with her fingers.

Malcolm and Jane were trapped into the painting of Virden Castle again by Phoebe and vanquished by fire.


to trap someone into the painting:

Absolvo Amitto Amplus Brevis Semper Mea
To free what is lost say these words: "Mine Forever")

to free someone from the painting:

Verva Omnes liberant
(Words free us all)

Smart spell:

Spirits, send the words from all across the land. 
Allow me to absorb them through the touch of either hand. 
For 24 hours, from 7 to 7, 
I will understand all meaning of the words, 
from here to heaven

BoS image: 2x03 Latin text2x03 Latin text2x03 Latin text  
Background info: -  

Phoebe casts a smart spell after a discouraging job search leads her to question her own intelligence. Her new smarts, as well as her old ones, come in handy after Prue and Piper become trapped in a painting and meet the warlock Malcolm.

Writer: Connie Burge  
Director: Kevin Inch  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: -  
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Needs
Artist: Collective Soul
Album: Dosage
Co-Starring: Paul Kersey (Malcolm)
Holly Fields (Mrs. Franklin)
Damian Perkins (Joe Lyons)
Cindy Lu (Receptionist)
Anthony Deane (Applicant #1)
Rebecca Jackson (Applicant #2)
Tate Taylor (Applicant #3)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Phoebe: First off, 63% of all adults believed to be missing show up within 24 hours. An auto accident is unlikey 1.2% even less likely for work related accident. Factor in Prue's good health, a life expectancy of 78.5 years, add her defensive powers of telekinesis, and we are looking at the odds of... less than 4.1%... No, actually make less than 3.3%. I forgot that the Book of Shadows had zip on evil artwork  
Transcript yes  
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