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Fall equinox or Mabon

Mabon is traditionally the second harvest festival of the year. Throughout the wheel of the year we have been planning, planting our wishes, and working hard toward our goals. At this time, we may make the final "harvest" of our dreams and at Mabon we shall give thanks for the "riches" of the year. While in the past, most all were farmers, this harvest festival traditionally applies to the harvest of foods, yet in this day and age, the "harvest" may also apply to the "seeds of dreams and wishes" that were planted many months earlier. Now is the time to see if they have come true. Whether they have come true or not ... a ritual to thank the growing energies of the God and the fertility of the Goddess should be preformed at this time. Lay upon your altar a sampling of your  harvest" .... use it freely in your ritual. 
(Note: even if your "harvest" came up empty, IE: your dreams were not fulfilled, the God and Goddess should still be thanked for the effort put forth in your name) 
Mabon marks the first "thanksgiving" Sabbat for Witches. At this time many gather together to share what they can share. (Samhain / Halloween also is a "thanksgiving" Sabbat) Whether the sharing is a story, a helpful hand, a bale of hay, or ? ... it is a tradition to bring something that you grew, "created", or obtained during the earlier part of the Witches year to any ritual or gathering that you may attend at this time.

At the Autumn Eq. the sun and moon are in complete balance. From this day forth (until Spring Eq.) the moon (Goddess) will once again reign supreme over the sun (God).


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