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Book of Shadows > Season 1  
Title: 1x14 Secrets and guys  
Creatures: 1x14 David and MickeyDavid and Mickey, mortals
Prue trapped them in the bank from where the police took over.



1x14 WhitelighterWhitelighters are messengers, guides, a kind of guardian angels for good witches. 
They are able to orb, can locate their charges and heal humans but their powers are only for others. Whitelighters can't heal themselves.

For more information about the whitelighter Leo see the
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Some whitelgihter rules:
Whitelighters have staff meetings with mandatory attendance
They are not supposed to eat on the job
Charges call take precedent
Whitelighters were not allowed to have any relationship with their charges 
but Patty and Sam as well as Piper and Leo broke this rule

Whitelighters can only be killed by the poisoned arrow shot by Darklighters
Killing a whitelighter gives the power to orb up to 

Whitelighters are led by the Elders.
Elders can be any age, their powers are mental, not physical
When Elders are retiring. they pass on their powers to a new Elder.  

Whitelighters can be sensed by the Elders when they use their powers. 
The only other way to find them is a blood relative

Spells: -  
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Background info: -  
Summary: A pair of vicious thugs kidnap Max Franklin, a 13-year-old boy when they learn he has special powers. The boy is able to send cryptic cries for help to Prue, who enlists the help of Phoebe to find the boy before he is used in a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Piper is happily surprised when her beau Leo reappears only to leave again. When Phoebe catches Leo doing some of his own magic, his secret is revealed. Leo is a guardian for witches, who returned to help the young boy. Although he loves Piper, he cannot live among witches or mortals. Even though Phoebe spills the beans about Leo's secret identity and reason for leaving, Piper disregards Phoebe's confession as a sisters sympathy and believes Leo left because he just wanted to leave.   
Writer: Constance M. Burge & Sheryl J. Anderson,  
Director: Jim Kontner  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: This is the first time that the true identity of Leo is revealed though only to Phoebe  
Title reference: The title is a play on that of the multi-Oscar-nominated film, "'Secrets and Lies"  
Bloopers: -  
Music: Baby Got Going
Artist: Liz Phair
Album: Whitechocolatespaceegg

Artist: Fuel
Album: Sunburn

Know You Better
Artist: Reality Check
Album: Reality Check

Day By Day
Artist: DC Talk
Album: Welcome To The Freak Show:
DC Talk Live In Concert

Artist: PFR
Album: Them
Co-Starring: Bradford Tatum (Mickey Jackson)
Richard Cody (Danny)
Robert Gossett (Mr. Franklin)
David Netter (Max Franklin)
Will Stewart (Harry)
Michael Brunin (Security Guard)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Leo: Oh, well. I thought that I'd tell her that, uh, as much as I love her and as much as I'd like to stay in San Francisco I can't. A-and I don't know how long my work will keep me away.
Phoebe: No. No. What you just said is as much as you'd like to stay and have sex with her, you've got a wife and kids in another part of the country. Try again.
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Book of Shadows

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