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Title: 1x13 From fear to eternity  

1x13 BarbasBarbas, demon of fear

Once every thirteen hundred years, there's a universal convergence of negative energy on Friday the 13th and the Demon of Fear appears He feeds on the fears of young witches for his survival.
If he can kill thirteen unmarried witches by midnight, he'll be free from the underworld to wreck his terror every single day. He does kill by turning a witch's greatest fear against her
He can only be defeated by releasing your fear and let go of it.
Barbas is send back to hell by Prue.

See also 2x09 "Mrs. Hellfire" 5x07 "Sympathy for the demon",  6x19 "Charmed on Trial", 6x22/23 "It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world", 7x01 "A call to arms"


to promote better luck:

Sage so fair, 
from far and wide, 
take my troubles and brush them aside

BoS image: 1x13 Barbas1x13 Barbas   
Background info:

Friday 13th

Summary: On Friday the 13th, Prue and Phoebe are forced to face their worst fears, after the demon Barbas uses them against the sisters. Piper, however, has other problems, as her belief in superstitions complicates a new relationship.  
Writer: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson  

Les Sheldon

Timeline: 03-1999
shortly before spring equinox
Trivia: This episode takes place on Friday the Thirteenth because it was the thirteenth episode of the series.  
Title reference: The title is a reference to the Montgomery Clift vehicle named "From here to Eternity"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: The Answer
Artist: Brooke Ramel
Album: Tulips Bleed

Throw Me
Artist: Chasing Furies
Album: With Abandon

No Mercy
Artist: Khaleel
Album: People Watching
Co-Starring: Billy Drago (Barbas)
Allen Cutler (Doug)
Kimberley Kates (Tanjella)
Steve Wilder (Lucas Devane)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Phoebe: I know, I know, but choosing the right good luck charm is a very big decision. 
Prue: If they all bring good luck, what's the worse that can happen if you pick 
the wrong one? 
Pheobe: Alright, you know, this is why I like shopping with Piper.
Transcript yes  
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