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Title: 1x08 The truth is out there and it hurts  

1x08 GavinGavin, a warlock from the future who has a thrid eye and can kill with a laser beam. His task is to kill everyone who might be involved in developing a warlock-vaccine in the future.

Vanquished by Prue and Piper by sticking a crowbar in his third eye


Truth spell:

For those who want the truth revealed, 
open hearts and secrets unsealed, 
from now until it's now again, 
after which the memories end.
Those who now are in this house, 
will hear the truth from others mouths

Note: Truth are consequences. Wiccan rule has to be applied. If casted for personal gain, you have to deal with the fall out (means, to remember what has been said)

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Summary: Hoping to discover how Andy would feel if he ever learned her secret, Prue casts a truth spell that ends up affecting her sisters. This leads Piper to new revelations concerning both her boss and Leo. It also leads the sisters to the warlock Gavin who is killing people, seemingly at random.  

Chris Levinson, Zack Estrin


Jim Contner

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Title reference: This is a spin off "the quote the truth is out there" from the TV show "X-files"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: One More Murder
Artist: Better Than Ezra
Album: How Does You Garden Grow  

Love And Terror
Artist: Merril Bainbridge
Album: Between the Days
Co-Starring: Brad Greenquist (Gavin)
Michelle Brookhurst (Tanya Parker)
Leigh-Allyn Baker (Hannah Webster)
Neil Roberts (Rex Buckland)
Jason Stuart (Martin)
Richard Gilbert-Hill (Dr. Oliver Mitchell)
Craig Thomas (Alex Pearson)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Prue: Thanks. Is the coffee leaded?
Piper: Nope.
Prue: It's not?
Piper: Never has been. I just say it because it's ridiculous to make two pots of coffee when you're the only one who drinks diesel.
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