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Book of Shadows > Season 1  
Title: 1x05 The dream sorcerer  
Creatures: 1x05 Dream SorcererWhitaker Berman researches dream leaping, the ability to project himself into someone else's dreams.
In dreams he can do anything, he can make your dreams his. And if you die in your dreams, you die in real life  

Vanquished by Prue by using her powers
Potions/Rituals: Charm of Love

3 Sticks Cinnamon
4 Shelled Peas
1 tsp. Anise Oil
1 tsp. Pepper Red
3 tsp. Sweet Almond Oil
3 tsp. Honey
Rose Petals from Five Roses
Pinch of Catnip
2 drops Musk Oil
the Strand of Conjurer's Hair

Mix ingredients gently over low heat until all liquids are cooked down, while reciting spell.

Your ideal Love will
soon contact you.

to draw a love:

Place hated spices in a velvet bag with a record of your ideal desired.
As the bag heats, chant three times:

I conjure thee, I conjure thee
I'm the Queen, you're the bee
As I desire, so shall it be

to drive away a love:

Put the despised Lover's name in a spiced velvet bag.
As the bag heats, chant these words:

Be it shall so desire I
As Bee the you're
Queen the I'm
Spells: to attract a lover:

I conjure thee, I conjure thee. 
I'm the queen, You're the bee. 
As I desire so shall it be. 

(For men looking for women the spell requires putting 
a piece of honey cake in a sweaty armpit for a day)
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Background info: Dreams  

Prue is stalked in her dreams by an angry sleep researcher named Whitaker Berman who has marked her for death. Phoebe and Piper decide to cast a love spell in order to find more suitable boyfriends. But when every guy they meet starts having eyes for them, the sisters begin to reconsider their decision.


Constance M. Burge  

Director: Nick Marck  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: -  
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: -  
Music: Stroke Of Luck
Artist: Garbage
Album: Garbage
Co-Starring: Matt Schulze (Whitaker Berman)
Neil Roberts (Rex Buckland)
Alex Mendoza (Jack Manford)
J. Robin Miller (Skye Russell)
Tim Herzog (Hans)
James Howell (Technician #1)
James O'Shea (Goatee Guy)
Marie O'Donnell (Dr. Black)
Todd Howk (E.R. Nurse)
Trish Suhr (Paramedic #1)
Doug Spearman (Nurse)
Bo Clancy (Businessman)
Rainoldo Gooding (Guy #1)
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Random quote: Piper is watching an exercise video and trying to copy what they're doing
Piper: Uh, I give up. Two weeks and nothing strengthened but my temper.
Prue: Piper, here's the problem. You didn't read the fine print. See. It says right here. $19.95 for the video and twenty grand for the plastic surgeon.
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Book of Shadows

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