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to break the bond of love

Love Charms

to vanquish Nicholas

to lure an evil spirit

to stop the heart beating (killer cocktail)

to send Cupid back to his plane

to turn humans into animals

to ask for a sign

to seperate a witch from her powers

to vanquish the demon of anarchy

to vanquish Belthazor

to contact the dead (seance)

to strip Cole's powers

to call for a lost witch

a witch's funeral

to summon Grams

face cream "heaven in a jar"

to vanquish Necron

to summon a witch doctor

to vanquish the Necromancer

to banish a ghost

to vanquish the Dark Knight

to vanquish Bosk

to vanquish a demonic sorceror

to restore a riven heart*

to drive Q'hal away*

protection spell*

to banish Falcroft*

to splinter enchantment*

tracking spell*

to shapeshift into an animal*

purification ritual*

to connect with ancient deities*

to lift Lascaris' spell from Prue*

to banish Lascaris back into the emerald*

protection spell*

a witch's funeral 2*

wish reversal*

to send someone to Mt. Olympus*

to open a portal*

Redication rite*

love charm*

P. Russell's apple pie recipe*

counter-recipe by P. Baxter*

to vanquish the demon who is after Patty*

to calm a demon*

to stall a storm*

to repurify a house*

to read more about the ingredients used, go to Herbs  

1x01 Something wicca this way comes
to break the bond of love
ingredients: poppet
9 candles anointed with oils and spices (may vary in shape and size)
roses given from the lover
  put basket and poppet on a table, encircle by the candles. To make it stronger bind rose to poppet and press thornes into it. Place poppet in a basket and burn.
Start the spell.
1x17 That 70's episode
to vanquish Nicholas
ingredients: lavender
holy thistle
blend ingredients in a bowl and recite spell as mixture smokes
1x20 The power of two
to lure an evil spirit
ingredients: Mercury
Blood of one of the victims
  Mix equal parts of mercury and acid with the blood of one of the spirits victims, then pour it over the spirit's grave.
to stop the heart beating (killer cocktail)  
a pinch of oleander
a pinch of Jimson weed
a pinch of blood root
a pinch of hollyhock seeds
grind to a fine powder and take with the juice of cranberries

Whoever takes it can be revived by C.P.R. (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
but it has to be done within four minutes to avoid brain damage
2x10 Heartbreak city
to send Cupid back to his plane
ingredients: Lavender
Basic Caris Compound
  Mix ingredients together in a mixing bowl (100 slow stokes) and have the desire for the purpose it is meant to create (eg. to go home)
2x11 Reckless abandon
to banish a ghost
a palmful of pomegranate seeds ground into a fine paste
a pinch of comfry root
a pinch of blood meal
a pinch of clematis seed
a pinch of dried rhubarb leaf
Mix well, add a chalice of twice blessed water and boil.

pour this mixture over the departed bones
2x13 Animal pragmatism
to turn humans into animals
ingredients: margarita salt
pouch of feathers
not named herbs
add salt to feathers and herbs and recite the spell
2x15 Give me a sign
to ask for a sign
ingredients: leaves of a dead rose
Sprinkle the leaves of a dead rose over the paper on which you wrote the spell
Read the spell


2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans
7x22 Something wicca this way goes
to seperate a witch from her powers

gypsy blood
mandrake root
nux oil
hemlock root

In a boiling crucible of the blackest lead
combine gypsy blood with a mandrake's head
More of the nightshades will you boil
the henbane, datura and from nux an oil
With hemlock root complete the draught
foul and dark like the might and craft
Of the creator of this brew and her desire
to steal from another for vengeance,
power or ire

3x08 Sleuthing with the enemy
to vanquish Belthazor also used in 5x12 Centennial Charmed
ingredients: Cockles
Pig's Feet
a dash of cardamom
a pinch of carrot seeds
elm bark
Slice of demons flesh (Balthazar)
Mix the ingredients in a pot over fire with boiling water. Then add the demons flesh

This potion works for all upper level demons as long as you add a piece of flesh of the respective demon.
3x17 Pre-witched
to contact the dead
ingredients: 6 candles white and purple
some burnings
white cloth
  put white cloth on a table or altar, place candles and burn the other ingredients
3x20 Exit strategy
to strip Cole's powers
ingredients: ginger
a pinch of dandelion
a dash of chickweed
  Shake water vigorously for two hundred heartbeats. Then add ginger, a pinch of dandelion and a dash of
Let it cool and wait till it turns blood red.
4x01 Charmed again
to call for a lost witch
ingredients: rosemary
yarrow root
  Mix ingredients into a silver bowl and slice the left finger of the left hand with an athame so that blood can
symbolically spill directly from the heart and into the bowl. Chant while doing this.
a witch's funeral
ingredients: blue silk
ceremonial chalice
silver cord
3 candles

On a blue silk covered altar table, which is adorned with a ceremonial chalice 
lays a tied, silver cord, surrounded by three lit candles, symbolizing birth, death, and the rebirth.

At the end of the ceremony untie the silver cord and lay it into the chalice. Blow out the candles

to summon Grams
ingredients: 5 white candles
sage stick
  put 5 candles a the points of a pentagram and recite spell
4x15 Marry-go-round
face cream "heaven in a jar"
ingredients: patchouli oil (for balance and confidence)
chamomile (to relax your nervous system)
other ingredients
5x02 A witch's tail
to vanquish Necron
ingredients: burdock root
eye of newt
other ingredients
Careful: you are not supposed to mix burdock root and eye of newt together. This is a volatile combination.
5x12 Centennial Charmed
to vanquish Belthazor see 3x08 Sleuthing with the enemy
5x13 Obsessions
to summon a witch doctor
ingredients: Liverwort
Pinch of dragon root
add liverwort and dragon root together in a cauldron then recite the spell to summon a witch doctor aloud and add the snakeskin
5x21 Necromancing the stone
to vanquish the Necromancer
ingredients: dragon root
eel skin
bloodwort (yarrow)
other ingredients
6x05 Love's a witch
to banish a ghost
a palmful of pomegranate seeds ground into a fine paste
a pinch of comfry root
a pinch of blood meal
a pinch of clematis seed
a pinch of dried rhubarb leaf
Mix well, add a chalice of twice blessed water and boil.

pour this mixture over the departed bones
6x08 Charmed in Camelot
to vanquish the Dark Knight
ingredients: mandrake root
griffin blood
composition by Piper, not used


ingredients: 1 pinch of Wereboar Tusk
1 lock of Nymph Hair
3 drops of Wraith Essence
1 level tsp of Black Poppy
2 leaves of Arrow Leaf
3 petals of Dwarf Lotus
1 cup of Aged Puer Tea
3 drops of Loggerhead}
Turtle Saliva
1 drop of Kudin Tree Oil
This potion will not work as supposed.. When you mix the wraith essence and black poppy it will explode immediately!
6x15 I dream of Phoebe
to vanquish Bosk
ingredients: mandrake
dark Roasted Wattleseed
dwarf milkweed
dried bindweed
mix ingredients
Book: Between worlds*
to restore a riven heart
ingredients: Performed at full moon

set up a wooden altair, covered with silk
put up black, white, blue, orange and purple votive candles

On the altair place the following:
a green malachite (earth)
a tail feather of a bird (air)
clear water

also a cone of sandalwood incense
light candles and say the spell
7x17 Scry hard
to vanquish a demonic sorceror
ingredients: 1 part Mandrake Root
1 part Crushed Beetles
1 part Volda Mortar
2 parts Peruvian Tree Wood
3 parts Toad's Milk
2 parts Bat's Blood
Book: Spirit of the wolf
to drive Q'hal away*
ingredients: garlic powder
Book: The power of three
protection spell*
ingredients: pour red wine into a silver chalice
cover a table with dark blue cloth and light candles
recite the spell
Book: Whispers from the past
tracking spell
For the tracking spell a trace of paternity is needed (e.g. something given by the father)
lock of hair
Once the spell is cast it might happen that the clothing starts to move. It may point the way in one clear direction but if the clothing dances indecisively, the spell reveals that the dear one's soul is far far away.
to splinter enchantment*
ingredients: something the enchanted one values
a sign of family
an evil thing to cast away
  Place items in a circle and light candles. Then the witch and the enchanted one say the spell together
to banish Falcroft*
ingredients: candles
Queen Anne's lace
  light two candles
amongst others Queen Anne's lace is needed
Book: Shadow of the Sphinx
to shapeshift into an animal*
ingredients: cinamon sticks
comfrey and nettles
boiling water
  pour boiling water over a handfull of comfrey and nettles
light candles

Look into the flames and concentrate on an animal you picked. Chose an animal you easily identify with for a start
Think of the qualities of this animal and sense for these qualities in yourself.
Anoint forehead, hands and feets with the infusion
Burn the cinamon stick and recite the spell
purification ritual*
ingredients: salt
Purification Ritual

Place each foot then hand into salt while using this chant.

WIth the blessings of Nephythys,
remove my impurities,
so that I may be worthy of these rites.
Connecting With The Ancient Deities* (Two people assume the roles of Re and Osiris):

We honor thee as your disciples,
thrice-great god Thoth, god of knowledge,
inventor of heka, the magic of the word.

I am Osiris, lord of the underworld
I am Re, the Sun God

The two embrace then place a hand on the other's shoulder.

We are twin souls
The journey will be completed safely
The day will dawn again
The night will guard the sleeping souls
We have made the sacred ankh
We commune with the ancients, seeking the mystery.
We offer ourself to thee.
We honor thee, Bastet
We offer y ou all delights
We purify thee
We purify thee.

Osiris, Isis, Seth, Horus keeprs of eternal time.
We seek to commune with thee
Book: Kiss of darkness
to lift Lascaris spell from Prue*
  draw a circle with a piece of chalk
hold hands and close your eyes
repeat the spell three times
to banish the warlock's spirit into the emerald*  

ashes from a fire


with the ashes draw a large oval on the floor
place candles around the oval
hang up mistletoes
lay spiderwebs in the middle of the oval
the enchanted person must be in the oval
the necklace in which the warlock should be trapped must also be placed in the oval

The spell only works with the special Tarot card with the black tower.

Book: The crimson spell
protection spell*
ingredients: dried sage,
a shell for burning the sage
poke root,
a white candle and other
  put sage in the shell and light it, then blow out the flames and
let the sage smoke. Light the white candle; take a pinch of salt and concentrate on purifying the energy in the place; pass your hand through the sage smoke, then pick up the poke root
and say the protection spell
Book: Charmed again
a witch's funeral*
ingredients: silver chord
3 candles
  That which came from earth has returned to earthThat which belonged to the spirit has returned to the Ancient Ones.
As life is a day, so our sister has passed into the night

The fire of our life, the memories and courage, the strength given to us by our sister,
blesses this circle

Let this newfound freedom be your only concern, <name of witch>. Oh blessed spirit, we bid you farewell, for you await a new destiny

untie a silver chord and place it into a chalice extinguish the three candles which stand for brith, death and rebirth
Book: A tale of two Pipers
wish reversal*
ingredients: purple candles
wish charms (Jasmine is part of wish charms)
  put purple candles in a circle
add wish charms
You must put your whole heart into it or it won't work
say the wish
Book: Soul of the bride
to send someone to Mt. Olympus*
ingredients: lavender,
red clay,
rose thorns,
scales from a silver fish (e.g. salmon)
stone chipped from sculpture

red wine
  simmer it for four hours
in a base of red wine, water and song (play music while simmering)
Book: Date with death
to open a portal*
ingredients: arrowroot
mustard seed
burn and recite spell
Book: Something wiccan this way comes
Redication rite*
ingredient: -
Blessed Lady, on this night we thank thee For all those who have come into our lives through your love,
For all those who share with us your wisdom and your light,
For all the fruits of your strength and power And for the promise of the gifts yet to come.
We thank thee humbly for granting us
peace on this night.
Peace without and peace within.
Lady and Lord, accept our words of devotion on this blessed night.
We thank thee for our faith and dedicate our lives once again to your good name.
Let your power live within us throughout the season and throughout the year
So mote it be


Book: The legacy of Merlin  
love charm*  
ingredients: bloodwort
Daffyd's mallow
star's fire
braid into heart shape form
and say spell
careful: whoever overhears the chant will be affected


Book: The Warren witches - Olf family recipe  
P. Russell's apple pie recipe*  
ingredients: P. Russell's black magic apple pie recipe:
apple blossom
dragon's blood
bake apple pie

The recipe fixates people's attention on the first thing that grabs their attention after they ate it.


Book: The Warren witches - Olf family recipe  
counter-recipe by P. Baxter*  
ingredients: clover
dragon's blood
balm of Gilead leaf
powdered elecampane root
eucalyptus seed
dried apple blossom
crush one half teaspoon of clove flowers
 add to a half cup of simmering water

crush and mix and add to the
simmering brew
add a dash of dragon's blood to activate the potion
and stirr for 30 seconds


Book: The Warren witches - Patty's awakening  
to vanquish the demon who is after Patty*  
ingredients: Bos entry:

Take four objects, wrapped in care
One for each child you will bear
With this bundle, and your spell,
Cast this demon back to hell

Book: Demon doppelgangers  
to calm a demon*  
ingredients: mugwort, moonwort, madwort

BoS entry:

plant a garden filled with these:
mugwort, moonwort, madwort three
then brew a potion, sure to please
the heart of any demon man
of this potion, let him sup
imtil heís drained his wassail cup
tnen let him sleep, perchance to dream
of kinder times than now they seem
if this canít lull him, nothing can


draw a pentagram
set the top to the north
plant one of the herbs at each of the five outer points
in each place where the lines that form the pentagram cross plant another herb
draw a circle around the pentagram
plant any herb that is left in this circle
within the circle but not within the pentagram itself

leaves from the plants at the five points of the pentagram will be the most powerful

prepare the ground before sundown
plant at moon at night
offer a blessing to the four horizons
next morning wait for the dew to dry , then pick your leaves soon after,
before the heat of the sun begins to affect them

make the potion of 20 young fresh leaves from each herb
1x05 The dream sorcerer  
Love Charms  
ingredients: 3 Sticks Cinnamon
4 Shelled Peas
1 tsp. Anise Oil
1 tsp. Pepper Red
3 tsp. Sweet Almond Oil
3 tsp. Honey
Rose Petals from Five Roses
Pinch of Catnip
2 drops Musk Oil
the Strand of Conjurer's Hair
Mix ingredients gently over low heat until all liquids are cooked down, while reciting spell.

Your ideal Love will soon contact you
to draw love  
Place hated spices in a velvet bag with a record of your ideal desired.
As the bag heats, chant three times:

I conjure thee, I conjure thee
I'm the Queen, you're the bee
As I desire, so shall it be
to drive away a love:
Put the despised Lover's name in a spiced velvet bag.
As the bag heats, chant these words:

Be it shall so desire I
As Bee the you're
Queen the I'm
Book: Hurricane hex  
to stall a storm  
ingredients: chalk
ginger root
draw a pentagram on the floor
and a circle in the middle
draw a simple map of the neighbourhood in the circle
chew a piece of ginger root for a minute
spit it into the cup of your hand
dip a finger in the juice and trace the circle with the finger
leave the chalk diagram and face the approaching storm
spit a bit of ginger root in the direction of the storm
2x21 Apocalypse, not  
to vanquish the demon of anarchy  
ingredients: juice of one pomegrante,
bay leaves,
laurel leaves,
clover blossom,
a glass globe.
blue velvet
mix juice of one pomegrante,
with two measures of honey,
fold in three bay leaves, three laurel leaves, and one clover blossom,
steam, then decant into a glass globe.
wrap the globe in blue velvet


Book: House of shards
to repurify a house
ingredients: dried lavender
rose petals (to restore love to the house)
balance rose quartzes in the far points of the house. They channel the energy so it gets evenly distributed and absorbed.

A house exorcism takes 6 months. Any family member that enters during the cleansing period breaks the spell


Book of Shadows

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