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1x01-serena-fredrick.jpgSerena Frederick
A witch killed by Jeremy Burns.
She owned Kit.
Serena was able to light fire with her fingertips.

Episode 1x01 Something wicca this way comes



A yioung wannabe goth she is the first witch the Charmed Ones meet. Given the magical power of heat by the demon Kali the teenager is the pawn in kali's plot to steal the Charmed Ones powers.

Epidose 1x07 The fourth sister


1x09-melinda-warren.jpgMelinda Warren
The Charmed Ones ancestor
Burnt on the stake due to the betrayal of Matthew Tate.

Episode 1x08 The witch is back


A non-magic wicca, owner of an occult shop.
Killed by Barbas.

Episode 1x13 From fear to eternity

A witch killed by Barbas

Episode 1x13 From fear to eternity

1x14-max-franklin.jpgMax Franklin
A young boy and witch, new to his power of psychokinesis (moving objects with his mind without seeing them). 
He was forced to use his powers to help some criminals to break into a bank

Episode 1x14
Secrets and guys

Brianna WarrenBrianna Warren
Halliwell ancestor
Episode 1x16 Which Prue is it, anyway?

Book: The Warren witches - Family history



A non-magic wicca who invites Phoebe and Piper to join the celebration of Mabon

Episode 2x01 Witch Trial

A witch who trapped Malcolm into the painting
Episode 2x03 The painted world

2x03 Jane FranklinJane Franklin
Malcolm's girlfriend. A witch who possesses the power to start fires with her fingers.

Episode 2x03 The painted world

Nell, witch
In the 1920s a witch named Nell tricked a powerful warlock into a painting with a hidden spell that only his power of X-Ray vision could see.


Episode 2x03 The painted world

When a witch renounces all human emotions and makes a pact with darkness to protect herself from heartbreak, she becomes a Succubus - a sexual predator who feeds on testosterone.
Vanquished by Prue.
Episode 2x05 She's a man, baby, a man

A good witch that turned evil, and started using her craft against innocents. She was trapped into a cave and entombed. She was vanquished by Kyle Gwydien, the Chosen One.

Episode 2x06 That old black magic

2x09-marcie-steadwell.jpgMarcie Steadwell
A non-magic witch practicioner and target of Barbas, she almost gets killed by the contract killer "Ms. Hellfire" but is saved by Darryl and Phoebe.

Episode 2x09 Ms. Hellfire

2x17-gail-altman.jpgGail Altman
Member of Penny Halliwell's coven.
Killed by Cryto.

Episode 2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans

2x17 AmandaAmanda
Killed by Cryto


Episode 2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans

2x17 HelenHelen
Killed by Cryto

Episode 2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans


3x04-ruth-cobb.jpgRuth Cobb
A witch with a basic understanding of natural magic. She conspired with Cole to steal the child of Charlotte Warren in order to raise the child under the influence of evil and preclude the rise of the Charmed Ones.
Episode 3x04 All Halliwell's eve

A witch and midwife, a free citizen of the colony of Virginia, she and her coven called the Charmed Ones to help them free Charlotte the mother of Melinda Warren.

Episode 3x04 All Halliwell's eve

3x11-unknown-witch.jpgUnknown witch
A witch with the power of deflection, killed by Eames.

Episode 3x11 Blinded by the whitelighter

3x17-shadows-witch.jpgShadow's witch
Name unknown. A witch betrayed and killed by her black cat familiar.

Episode 3x17 Pre-Witched


Bearer of half of a powerful amulet. Killed by Raynor.

Episode 3x20 Exit strategy

Bearer of half of a powerful amulet. She helps the Charmed Ones to make a power-stripping potion for Cole but is killed by Raynor's will and Belthazor's hand.

Episode 3x20 Exit strategy


4x06-evil-enchantress.jpgThe Evil Enchantress
A 12th century incarnation of Paige Matthews, she wishes to bring about the reign of dark magic.

Episode 4x06 A knight to remember


4x08-susan-coleman.jpgSusan Coleman
Member of the Triple Crescent Coven, Sikes tried to wipe out.

Episode 4x08 Black as Cole


Witch of the Triple Crescent Coven,
killed by Sikes

Episode 4x08 Black as Cole

Fiance of Emma, a witch killed by Belthazor
Episode 4x08 Black as Cole

A witch's daughter who has never tapped into her powers. Hunted by Jackman and saved by the Charmed Ones.

Episode 4x22 Witch way now


5x03-wicked-wittch.jpgEvil witch
Trapped in the mirror, she is freed when the mirror breaks. She kills the Keeper, imprisons his apprentice and tries to kill the Charmed Ones. She is vanquished by Piper.

Episode 5x03 Happily ever after

A teenaged artist with the power of thought projectionHe who later becomes an Elder and is given Ramus' power.

Episode 5x05 Magic wears a mask

5x06-madam-theresa.jpgMadam Theresa, gypsy high priestess (shuvani)
She was a palm reader.
Vanquished by Cree.

Episode 5x06 The eyes have it

5x06-lydia.jpgLydia Niccolli (shuvani)
She knew potions, could read tea leaves and was the keeper of the Evil Eye.
Killed by Cree.

Episode 5x06 The eyes have it

5x06-ava-niccolli.jpgDr. Ava Niccolli
Although she is not practicing, she is a gypsy high priestess.She helps the Charmed Ones defeat Oren.

Episode 5x06 The eyes have it

An evil witch from ancient Egypt, she saved Jeric from spending eternity as a mummy. They fell in love, but she was killed by Jeric's enemies. Since her death, her spirit has been stored in mummified bodies until Jeric can transfer her into a witch's body.
Shew as vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

Episode 5x10 The mummy's tomb


6x04-stillman-sisters.jpgStillman sisters
The Stillman Sisters, Mabel, Mitzy, and Margo, common witches known for their small-time hustles and cons.  Not worth vanquishing.

Episode 6x04 Dirty blondes

6x05 Richard MontanaRichard Montana and family
witches, almost destroyed in a feud with the Callaway family

Episode 6x05 Love's a witch

6x10-bianca.jpgBianca, Phoenix
killed by adult Wyatt

Episode 6x10 Chris-crossed

6x10-lynn.jpgLynn, Bianca's mother

Phoenix are a family of assassin witches who are very elite, very powerful, and who were born with a distinct birthmark symbolizing their rise from Salem's ashes.

Episode 6x10 Chris-crossed

Evil witch who betrayed Penny Halliwell by co-operating with a warlock. Vanquished herself by accident.

Episode 6x11 Witchstock


6x18-wicked-witch.jpgWicked Witch of the enchanted forest
She looked like the stereotypical evil witch and cursed magical beings as leprechauns, fairies etc. so they transformed into their opposite.
Vanquished by Paige.

Episode 6x18 Spin City


A witch which became the target of the brute demon

Episode 6x21 Reality check

7x04-brenda-castillo.jpgBrenda Castillo
Witch, killed by the pirates

Episode 7x04 Charrrmed!


Mitchell HainesMitchell Haines
Witch with the power of super-speed



Episode 7x19 Freaky Phoebe



Pruedence Wentworth*
daughter of Melinda Warren
Book: Whispers from the past

Book: Pied Piper

Miranda Nance*
practicioner, expert for entrapment spells
Picture Perfect


Donovan Hawthorne*
dark practicioner

Book: Picture Perfect


Juliana O'Farnell*
Juliana has the power to start fire.
In the O'Farnell family every girl receives her powers on her 13 birhtday.
Book: Inherit the witch

Drew Elson*
The true daughter of Juliana. She has the power to shapeshift.
Book: Inherit the witch

McFey Theda*
Book: Luck be a lady

Book: Luck be a lady

Pandora Matthews*
witch, Paige's daughter
Book: The Warren witches - Family history

Posie Matthews*
witch, Paige's granddaughter
Book: The Warren witches - Family history

Prudence Warren-Wentworth*
witch, Melinda Warren's daughter
Prudence powers are telekinesis and premonitions
After the death of her mother she has been
raised by Elizabeth Hasting
Book: The Warren witches - Something old, something new

Cassandra Warren-Wentworth*
witch, Prudence's daughter
The Warren witches - Something old, something new

Amelia de la Cruz*
Book: The Warren witches - Witch trap


Pamela Bousquet*
witch, ancestor in the Halliwell line
A blond woman with pale creamy skin and green eyes.
She put a love spell on the demon Qualmor, so he felt in love with her and didn't want to take her powers anymore. They married and lived quite happily for about 10 years before Pamela died somewhen during the French revolution (1789-1799).
When she was alive she used a spell to put her powers into a pendant so they would still exist after her death. She wanted the pendant being buried with her.
Her powers were telepathy and invisibility

Book: Seasons of the witch, vol. 1 - Samhain


Billie JenkinsBillie Jenkins
Witch with the powers of deflection (of energy balls) and telekinetics


Episode 8x01 Still Charmed and Kicking


Ryan and JenRyan and Jen, witches
Magic School students


episode 8x17 Generation hex


Daniel Lemond*
A tall, thin guy with blond hair, his power is an enchanting voice that can influence everyone.

Book: Sweet talkin' demon

Kerria, witch*
Leo's charge

Book: Sweet talkin' demon

Aura Chen*

The girls have the following powers:
Aura, levitate others
Delilah, mind reading and manipulation
Terra, invisibility

Aura and Delilah were vanquished by the Charmed Ones, Terra fled leaving her amulet behind

Book: Phoebe who?

Nayla Braun*
Maribel Locke
good witches, keeper of the amulets

Book: Phoebe who?

Emily DuChancey, witch*
She once was the receptionist at Robert Maxwell's doctor. When she overheard that he was dying she casted a spell to bind him into the manor, giving him a form of immortality and fame as the ghost that haunts the manor.
As consequence of the personal gain effect Emily was doomed to eternal youth and immortality.

Book: High spirits

Nisha maksoud, witch*
A recent graduate of Magic School, she excelled in the study of healing herbs.

Book: Leo rising

Xandra, witch*
She was one of Leo's first charges but turned evil

Book: Leo rising

Book of Shadows

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