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Title: Whispers from the past  
Creatures: Falcroft, time demon

His body is of slimey, curdling green.
A gapping mouth of jagged overlapppig teeth and a sking with a series of bulging, oozing scars. He has huge bulbous brow ridges. From his lower back springs along barbed tail and he has huge clawed paws.
Falcroft is a very powerful and evil demon who constantly tries to wreak havoc in the past, present and future. His goal is to spread evil throughout time.
Vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

Time riffs are like waves that can transport someone to the past or future. They are seriously advanced magic.

Hugh Montgomery was a warlock in the 1670s who works with Falcroft. He was killed by the demon

Pruedence Wentworth, daughter of Melinda
She has a daughter named Cassandra
While under the influence of the root tea the warlock Hugh was brewing for her the spells Pruedence was adding to the BoS were spells of black magic.
Potions/Rituals: For the tracking spell a trace of paternity is needed (e.g. something given by the father)

Once the spell is cast it might happen that the clothing starts to move. It may point the way in one clear direction but if the clothing dances indecisively, the spell reveals that the dear one's soul is far far away.

to splinter enchantment:

something the enchanted one values
a sign of family
an evil thing to cast away

Place items in a circle and light candles. Then the witch and the enchanted one say the spell together

to banish the time demon:

light two candles
amongst others Queen Anne's lace is needed
Spells: tracking spell:

A trace of paternity
clothes so dear,
A lock of hair
to track far and near
Find our Phoebe,
point the way.
Track her spirit,
find her today

curse to cast on enemies
(from the dark BoS):

Make an image of thy foe,
Slash it as i slashed the roe.
Then bury it beneath full moon
in the grave of one hanged too soon

to splinter enchantment:

Day to night,
night to day,
break the spell,
cast it away

to banish the time demon:

Friends of light and sister sun,
winter moon and summer shower
send this demon back to darkness,
Banish him, destroy his power.

The power of three will set us free
Cover: Cover  
Background info: Salem  
Summary: Pulled back in time by a demon to Puritan Massachusetts, Phoebe must free one of her ancestors from the demon's spell in order to return to her own time, before the witch hunters discover her true nature and kill her. When she discovers that her ancestor is under the influence of a warlock which changes the timeline and turns the Halliwells evil it really becomes a race against time. In the present Piper and Prue have turned into warlocks - will they remember her sister and rescue her?

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Author/s: Rosalind Noonan
She has written more than 2 dozen books for children and young adults. She likes Charmed because of the sister dynamic.
Rosalind Noonan lives in Bayside, New York and has two children.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-7434-0928-0  
Timeline: -/1676  
Main characters: Phoebe, Piper, Prue  
Trivia: Melinda Warren's daughter was named Pruedence, her granddaughter Cassandra.
Pruedence was accused of being a witch but with the help of the Charmed Ones she was able to escape.
Bloopers: -  
Random quote: Piper: "Do you think the warlock scaled a wall and carried Phoebe along?"
Prue: "He's a warlock, not spider-man.
Rating: humour: 0 out of 3
tension: 3 out of 3
story: 2 out of 3
style: 3 out of 3
  8 out of 12  
  The better part of the book are the moments focused on Prue and Piper slowly and happily turning evil, while Phoebe's encounter with her ancestor is disappointingly boring. That the girls will rescue her sister is no question but the "how" is delivered nicely.
Easy reading.
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