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Title: The brewing storm  
Creatures: The night of Aeolus (he Greek god of wind).
Once every century the planets align in such a way that it causes the winds to shift and the climate to change. During that period, the weather becomes unstable and the earth begins to
shake as the world falls out of balance.
On the night of Aeolus, by the light of the full moon, the elements must come together to set everything in its proper place. To do this, a Firestarter has to gather other Elementals at the Circle of Gaea to perform the Ritual of the
If the ritual is not successful, the weather will continue to wreak havoc and could eventually
tear the world apart.

Elementals use their emotions to control the elements.
They can be firestarters, waterbearers, windwalkers and earthshakers.

Gabrielle Chambers, waterbearer
Raphael "Rafe", windwalker
Muriel Hammond, earthshaker
Tyler Michaels, firestarter

If the Elementals use the ritual to divert the power of the elements to the
demon Tempest, he will be able to control the weather and the very earth itself.

The demon Tempest was banished to a neutral environment that he can only leave on the night of Aeolus. Tempest commands a quartet of big human-looking demons with the ability to drain the powers of Elementals or witches. If the powers can be collected from four Elementals by the night of Aeolus, they will transfer those powers to their
master, and he will be able to control the weather all over the world.

Tempest has been vanquished by the Charmed Ones and the Elementals.
Spells: to undo Tyler's power binding:

When time is ready
or need is dire,
Unbind his power
Return the fire

to vanquish Tempest's minion:

This one's going down
ONly three more to go
Then Tempest will frown,
As we vanquish our foe

to vanquish Tempest
(needs the powers of the

By the water and the air,
by the earth and the fire,
by the powers that we bear
Tempest's life, now expire

to bind the elements
needed: sword, wand, chalice, coins (the older, the better)
to complete the ritual the Elementals and one more element is needed - the human spirit:

Guardians of the North, the West, the South, the East
join together in the spirit of this circle
and bring about peace
Calm the winds, hold back the rains, subdue the fire and let earth rest.
On this night of Aeolus, in this circle of Gaea
we implore you to take back your power by using our strenght
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Background info: Gaea

Despite wacky weather threatening the San Francisco area, life for the Charmed Ones is as normal as ever. Normal, that is, until eleven-year-old Tyler Michaels shows up at their door. Tyler, a Firestarter, is on the run from demons. Though the Halliwell sisters have dealt with Tyler before, a glance at the Book of Shadows turns up new, unexpected information about the boy...and the forces for which his magic can be harnessed.
Once a century the planets align in such a way that the tides shift and the climate changes, causing unpredictable weather and earthquakes. With the world out of balance the Fire-starter is charged with gathering the other Elementals on the Night of Aeolus to perform a sacred ritual. Without this ritual the weather will eventually tear the world apart. But the demons chasing Tyler want to divert the Elemental power and channel it for a dark evil. The Charmed Ones must prevent this from happening at all costs - but the Night of Aeolus is already upon them....

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Author/s: Paul Ruditis
He grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from West Chester University with a BA in Theatre Arts (with an emphasis on directing).Paul Ruditis resides in Burbank now.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-689-86851-0  
Timeline: season 5, Phoebe has recently got divorced from Cole  
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Leo, Darryl
Trivia: Darryl's son is called Darryl Michael Morris jnr.

Tyler has been adopted by Maria and Stephen Michaels

The entry about the Night of Aeolus only recently appeared in the BoS

Darryl: "We can watch TV. I think Soul Train is on."
This is a nice reference to Soul Train, a tv Show, Dorian Gregory, the actor who plays Darryl Morris on Charmed, is currently the host of.

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Bloopers: -  
Random quote: -  
Rating: humor: 0 out of 3 possible
tension: 0 out of 3 possible
story: 0 out of 3 possible
style: 1 out of 3 possible
Summary: 1 out of 12  
  Nothing we have not seen in the movie The 5th Element (and better done there). Endless explanations, a quite lousy villain and the characters are quite boring. Only positive about this book is that it gives Darryl some attention.
Read if you can't sleep or are very bored.
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