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Title: Sweet talkin' demon  
Creatures: Indar, demon
This demon is
covered with little bumps, the skin has a purplish tinge and he has yellow eyes.
His powers are only defensive

Indar tricked Daniel into a body switching spell
Indar was vanquished iwth a potion by Phoebe

Daniel Lemond
, witch
A tall, thin guy with blond hair, his power is an enchanting voice that can influence everyone.

Kerria, witch
Leo's charge

mentioned: Tracer demons

Blue moon
The s
econd full month in a month is called blue moon

Traditionally a moon phase that loosens the bond of magic, a blue moon could spell disaster for the power of three. While some witches may find the bonds between themselves and their powers lessened, the Charmed Ones will have an added worry.
The ties that bind the three sisters together will also be loosened. It is imperative that the power of three is guarded on that day. The best way to do so for the Charmed Ones is to spend this day together.



potion to "vanquish" a cold:

red clover


Spells: to cure a cold
(potion needed):
Sickness like a devil
loosen your bond
Vanquished are you
Be gone

Bad health, disappear
Banish are you
go away from here

Bad health, disappear
Banished are you
go away, now,
from here

all three spells cure immediately however the cold jumps to someone else nearby

to open a locked door:

Powers of earth, do not ignore me
Remove this barrier from before me

to summon the source of magic

Source of magic, heed our cry
From Daniel's home, let your power fly
We summon you before us three
Secret enchantment, hear our plea

to block Daniel's enchanting voice

Voice with power over actions
influences and attractions
have no sway on us henceforth

to call for the Power of Three
(used by the demon with Daniel's bidding voice under the blue moon):

Blue moon that loosens the ties
send great magic across the skies
Power of three, come to me

to call for a witch's power:

Power of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here

to switch body:

Powers of earth
Hear my call
What's mine is yours
What's yours is mine
You become me
Switch it all
Background info: Blue moon  
Summary: Phoebe can't believe her luck - finally, she's met the perfect guy. Daniel's got everything going for him and Phoebe's smitten.  So smitten that she even forgive him his strange behaviour whenever she does something unexpected.
Soon Piper and Paige succumb to his magic too. But is he just some hot guy who's a control freak or is there something demonic going on?

Phoebe's not the only one having trouble with love. Leo's been so busy with his Whitelighter duties, he seems to have forgotten about his wife and son. And to make matters in the Manor even worse, everybody is fighting a cold despite Paige's desperate attempts to "vanquish" it.
Author/s: Laura J. Burns
She is best known for writing the TV show Roswell, and she's written numerous books for Buffy, Charmed, Roswell and everwood book series. She lives in L.A.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 1-4169-1469-2  
Timeline: late September - October 2003
between 5x15 Special delivery and end s5; Phoebe has not met Jason Dean
Piper and Leo celebrate their wedding anniversary, Leo is not an Elder, Chris has not appeared yet
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Leo and Wyatt are present
Cole is mentioned
Trivia: Prue preferred potato chips over sweets as child

Paige gets her first charge - Daniel Lemond

Grams used to have the girls stay together on the day of a blue moon, cook a full dinner, bring it upstairs and have picnic in the attic

Phoebe is allergic to strawberries

Phoebe likes mint-chip ice cream
Bloopers: "Paige hurled a fireball at one demon .. "

Fireball throwing has been established as upper-level demon power only. Apart from that Paige simply does not have this power.
Random quote: Paige: Let me get this straight. You have a demon as your romantic advisor?  
  The rating is for the whole book  
Rating: humor: 1 out of 3 possible
tension: 3 out of 3 possible
story: 1 out of 3 possible
style: 1 out of 3 possible
Summary: 6 out of 12  
  Tension is well kept till the end and earned the book a high score in that field. Characters are flat and there is endless talking about the pro's and con's of Daniel being evil. The story itself is quite thin but at least writing style is bearable.
The side plot with the cold is only mildly amusing though Leo's obsession with his duties are merely annoying.
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