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Title: Spirit of the wolf  
Creatures: Glooscap, a mythological Algonquin shaman
According to the legends, Glooscap was the first and most powerful shaman and sachem to arise during the Algonquian tribes primal history (a sachem was a wise elder and advisor who kept the oral histories. A shaman was a healer and keeper of vision).
Glooscap established the rules for the natural oder of the world and he gets very angry with people who do not respect them. He also gets credit for banishing mystical evil. He chased demons and witches out of the forest with help from his brother, the wolf. Any entity that dares to return after he threw it out will be destroyed.
Glooscap banished evil witches from the forest because they used magic to steal animals' souls for the purpose of gaining the animal's powers and perceptions.
Glooscap follows his own rules and his power is greater than the power of three

Sinoyat, native American tribe
In 1880 the federal government convinced the Sinoyat and the Mandot to surrender most of their lands and move onto a reservation.
The Sinoyat protested when they were forced to relocate to lands that traditionally belonged to the Mandot. They had a treaty giving them possession of their mountaiin and the surrounding valleys but the government refused to honor it - or even acknowledge the agreement's existance.
The Mandot treated the Sinoyats as outcasts. Finally they rebelled and returned to their land where they held out a couple of years before the government rounded up every surviving Sinoyat and shipped them off to Kansas.
Most of the tribe has dispersed into the general population. Only few who live in Lone Pine River are fighting to get the tribe's land back.
They have a legitimate claim baised on a treaty signed by the government in 1880. However the tribe's copy seems to be lost.

, demon
has sworn a blood oath to hunt Cole down.
Hairless, with slimy green mottled skin and with yellow eyes, this demon looks like a cross between a horned lizard and a frog. He appears dressed with a togalike garment woven of coarse brown grass and with gold bends clamped around the arms, neck and ankles
Q'hal is able to follow any trace. His weapon are lightening bolts.
His evil essence is masked so other demons can't detect him. Mortals can easily smell him even before he appears by his stink which is like rotten eggs, ammonia and sour milk
Garlic powder drives him away.

Vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

Unnamed lower-order demon
A demon that Glooscap exiled once possesses the CEO of Vista Recreation (William DeLancey).
This demon needs a willing human host in order to function while it tries to establish a permanent identity. When it succeeds it will have freedom of movement in this world and vastly improved status in the underworld
The demon has to perform an elaborate ritual on sacred tribal land in order to achieve his goals however if the demon or his human host sets foot on Glooscap's territory Glooscap will destroy both
If the demon, through DeLancey, secures possession of all the lands Glooscap holds sacred, Glooscap will lose the power to destroy the demons he banished. After the demon completes the ritual and evolves it can and will obliterate Glooscap. Glooscap can not go after this demon because he is confined to his sacred lands
Vanquished by Q'hal.
Potions/Rituals: garlic irritates Q'hal  
Spells: to remove a veil over a BoS entry:

Pages buried 'neath a veil
imposed by unknown foes to seal
the ancient text i wish to see
begone the veil's obscurity

to vanquish Q'hal
(potion needed):

demon hunter on the prowl
concealed with no restraints
condemned, this scourge of death so foul
erased, it putrid taint
Background info: Algonquin
Summary: At a remote resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a tree bursts into flames, an animal skull oozes blood, and a wolf threatens to attack, then vanishes like a ghost. The police suspect a nearly extinct Native American group that was forced off the resort's land long ago. Others blame the owners of the resort for defiling sacred tribal lands.

Phoebe and Paige arrive for a pre-opening weekend and some sisterly bonding, but are soon drawn into danger by incidents both natural and unnatural. A powerful shaman holds the key to the mystery with his secret knowledge - knowledge that is shared by the wolf haunting the land. The sisters call upon Piper, Leo, and Cole for guidance - and summon all their powers to confront a demon as cunning as any they have ever encountered.
Author/s: Diane G. GallagherDiane G. Gallagher
She lives in Florida. Before becoming a full time writer she made her living in a variety of occupations, including folk musician and fantasy artist.
Her first sci-fi novel was published in 1990. Since then she has written many novels in several series for all age groups, including Star Trek, Sabrina the teenage witch, Buffy and Charmed.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-743-43040-9  
Timeline: season 4, Phoebe and Cole are together, Cole is still a demon, Paige is about to learn to control her orbing power  
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Cole and Leo
Darryl appears
Trivia: Phoebe accepts an assignment as photographer for 415

An explanation for the changing pages in the Book of Shadows:
The Book of Shadows is in constant flux. While some pages seem to be permanent, the spells and informatons on others appear and disappear for reasons that the sisters do not always understand.

It is possible that someone puts a veil over a BoS entry. Anyone with some knowledge of magic or good connections can do that. A determined demon could produce one or find someone who could.
Bloopers. -  
Rating: humor: 0 out of 3 possible
tension: 1 out of 3 possible
story: 1 out of 3 possible
style: 2 out of 3 possible
Summary: 4 out of 12  
  Trying to build some mystic atmosphere and romantic entanglements the story is soon meandering between the Charmed Ones, a mystery novel, history, Native American Rights Movement and wannabe-shamanism.
Read if you can keep your eyes open.
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