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Title: Seasons of the witch, vol. 1
Creatures: Gerry, Farza demon
These demons have only one magical power which is that they can't be frozen by witches.
They don't need to sleep but hibernate for 3 month every winter.
These demons are harmless.

Imbolc, 2 February
Imbolc was a fertility celebration.
The day before you make Brideo'gas (cornhusk dolls), put magic acorn wands in their hands and make candles. They are supposed to be symbols of the maiden
On imbolc you burn the dolls and wands and see if the ashes reveal any signs of the coming of spring.
Spells: to reveal an unseen enemy:

Unseen, unknown though he be,
he shall be revealed to me
All the elements, you we ask
let our enemy be unmasked

truth spell:

Powers that be, join with me
to show the truth for all to see
Background info: Imbolc
Summary: Imbolc is a time when the earliest hopes for spring are fostered and seeds are planted for dreams of the coming summer months. But Piper can't look toward the future - and having children with Leo - when her half-whitelighter, half-witch sister's powers are on the fritz. Is a hybrid baby destined for doom?

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Author/s: Laura J. Burns
She is best known for writing the TV show Roswell, and she's written numerous books for Buffy, Charmed, Roswell and everwood book series. She lives in L.A.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-689-86545-7  
Timeline: 1 and 2 February 2002
between 4x08 Black as Cole and 4x13 Charmed and dangerous.
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Leo and Cole only shortly appear
Trivia: -  
Bloopers: Paige is a social worker.
Paige has been just an assistant in that time period.
Random quote: "Cole's at a homeless shelter, cooking," Phoebe said. "Ever since we vanquished his demon half, he's been trying to spend time volunteering. It's his way of making up for his past evils."
"I've tasted his cooking. He might want to find another way," Piper smiled.
  The rating is for the whole book  
Rating: humor: 2 out of 3 possible
tension: 1 out of 3 possible
story: 1 out of 3 possible
style: 1 out of 3 possible
Summary: 5 out of 12  
  The stories have not much to do with the wicca dates although. Each has one of the sisters as central character but leaves room for the others too.
Samhain can be considered the one with the most tension since although the ending is predictable. Imbolc is the most funny due to Paige's uncontrollable orbing but it lacks tension. Yule has a quite silly plot and the end is so predictable that there is no tension at all.
Fortunately the authors for once do without telling the story of the Charmed Ones to the reader as it is the habit in all other fiction books.
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