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Title: Phoebe who?  
Creatures: Flecter demons
Mangy-looking demons in  ragged coats, with beards and bright yellow eyes.
They can duplicate endlessly until you kill the emperor which destroys all of them.
Minions can be vanquished by being blown up three times.

Aura Chen, Delilah
, Terra, evil witches

The girls have the following powers:
Aura, levitate others
Delilah, mind reading and manipulation
Terra, invisibility

Aura and Delilah were vanquished by the Charmed Ones, Terra fled leaving her amulet behind

As legend had it, the amulets had once been in the possession of one coven but their power had grown to the point where the coven leaders were unable to control it. Afraid to destroy the amulets, they had decided to rend the amulets into four separate parts and give each of the newly-formed covens one of the amulets, to be passed down from generation to generation to a wicca who would keep the trinket safe - but never use its powers.
Aura Chen and her friends however decided to hunt down the keepers of the amulets, steal the amulets and use them for their own purposes.

Aura's grandmother
unnamed witch
Nayla Braun
Maribel Locke

Teague, leprechaun
fairies, nymphs, satyr, giant, dwards and other magical creatures
Spells: to call a lost witch:

Powers of the witches rise
course unseen across the skies
come to us who call you near
come to us and settle here

blood to blood I summon thee
blood to blood return to me

spell to strengthen powers:

We four stand, hand in hand, forming an inpenetrable band
Let their powers fuel my own
Let us all have powers grown

power stripping spell:

These two witches that we see
let their powers no longer be
Take from them that which helps them fight
let their powers flee into the night

cloaking spell:

Goddess be, protect this, our charge, from harm. Let her not be sought or seen by those who work their charm.

to restore memory:

Power that be, help our sister see
bring back her every memory.
Let her new life fade away
and bring her back to her true way

to restore powers:

These two witches that I love
bring back their powers from above
Bring back that which helps them fight
Let their powers be set to right

to vanquish evil souls
(this is the same spell as in 2x14 Pardon my past but a little bit different at the end):

Evil witches in my sight
vanquish thyselves
vanquish thy might
in this and every future life
Cover: cover  
Background info: -  
Summary: Phoebe is exhausted - between work, demon fighting, and helping her sisters, she has no time for herself. When she wakes from a battle not knowing who or where she is, Phoebe gets her long-awaited getaway and then some. A stranger named Aura promptly finds her and takes Phoebe into her care. There's something off about Aura and her friends, but Phoebe ignores her instinct and tries to settle into this new, relaxed lifestyle.
Meanwhile, Piper and Paige fear the worst. They scry for Phoebe, but she is nowhere to be found. Not only have Aura and her friends put a cloaking spell on Phoebe, but they have also reintroduced her to magic, taking her on "missions" to steal protection charms from good witches. Their latest mission? Convincing Phoebe that Piper and Paige are evil and need to be rendered powerless. Will Piper and Paige be able to find Phoebe - and help her find herself - in time to restore the Power of Three?

samples (chapters 1-3)
Author/s: Emma Harrison
She is an editor-turned-author who has worked on many series.
She never misses a Charmed episode.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 1416925325  
Timeline: early season 6
no Chris, Leo is no elder
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Wyatt, Leo and Darryl appear shortly
Trivia: This book is dedicated to Rose, Alyssa and Holly and Brian.
"For Holly Marie, Alyssa, Rose, and Brian:
We'll miss you!"
Bloopers: Elise (Rothman) is written wrong again as "Elyse".

"Piper raised her hands and shot her power at one of the offending demons .. "
Piper does not shoot any power, she can freeze or speed up molecules

"Now that she and her sisters had vanquished it [the woogy], however, Phoebe had
accomplished something no one else had ever done. She had literally conquered her
childhood fear."
The "woogy" has never been vanquished only banished.

There certainly have been other cases when people literally conquered their childhood fears so the sentence is a bit weird.

"Maybe we should call Leo," Piper said.
"Leo is with Wyatt," Paige reminded her.
In this situation (Phoebe missing and none of the girls could find her) what would be wrong about having Leo and Wyatt orbing in and trying to sense Phoebe? Instead of going home to meet Leo there ..

The potion to summon a lost witch originally contains yarrow root not taro root.

"Let me down and I'll give you whatever you want"
For a witch chosen to protect a very powerful amulet this woman gives in very quickly - and she had only been lifted into the air, no torture, death treat or anything like that.

Since when is it so easy to strip a witch of her powers just by reciting a spell? And why would Paige's whitelighter powers (orbing) be effected by such a spell?
In 6x04 Dirty blondes that was not possible while all witch powers could be stripped by the Stillman sisters.
Random quote: Piper: Great. They have got magical batteries around their necks and we've completely lost our powers  
Rating: humor: 0 out of 3 possible
tension: 0 out of 3 possible
story: 1 out of 3 possible
style: 0 out of 3 possible
Summary: 1 out of 12  
  Again another triplet tries to go after the Charmed Ones, this time "stealing" Phoebe and trying to imprint her with a wrong identity. While this plot plus lost-memory has been quite amusing on the show sometimes it doesn't work at all in this book.
For once because the "evil plot" is being revealed completely within the first few chapters taking away any tension that it might have caused.
The story evolves dull and uninspired, there is no humor, no tension, nothing to keep you interested.
This book is a sleeping pill.
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