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Title: Luck be a lady  
Creatures: Sigh and Tremble, demons
These demons are from a different plane of existence in a demon dimension where their society is very reglemented.
In this dimension they have evolved a sort of 6th sense to predict and influence the future, like they could hand out good or bad luck.

Ned Hawkins, demon
In his demon form he has a black and charred face,
needle sharp teeth, gray blue eyes and talons on the feet instead of toes

vanquished by a God of luck

Banzaf, demon
In his human form he was called Barrish. He has an olive colored face riddled with pockmarks and the gray-blue eyes of his species.

vanquished by Cole

Magic artefacts
There are certain artefacts (swords, daggers etc.) that can crack open worlds and affect destiny.
Best known are the sword of Damocles, the Rosetta stone or the spear of destiny

These artefacts must be transported with care, the use of magic is not adviced.

Unnamed demon
This demon is an ivory creature, approx. 9 feet tall. Its goatlike legs end in hooves, its hands show long blue-white talons. The eyes are black and round and it has an animal maw.

vanquished by Cole

Lords of the outer dark, demons
These mid and upper level demons have the power to draw strength and mystical energies from the living, the dead and the Earth itself.
The more power is releashed the more they drain.
This can cause the destruction of both sides in a battle with magical powers because while one side would be drained of their powers, the demons would be overloaded.

Chloe, young witch

Theda McFey
She once had an encounter with Cole but nothing more is known about it

God of luck

Tom Phillips, whitelighter
sent to watch over Chloe
Spells: to vanquish the Lords of the Outer Dark:

Demons in darkness cloaked
- by the Power of Three we'll see you croaked

to put things back the way they were:

Return, return, the form that was
reshape, retake, we ask because
much good will come, much evil flee
return, return 't was meant to be

to vanquish Sigh and Tremble:

In darkness and in light
you evil we will fight
As you have doomed so many souls
This spell will blow you full of holes
Background info: Sword of Damocles
Rosetta Stone
Spear of destiny
Sentimental Journey (lyrics)
Summary: Phoebe Halliwell may be ready to turn over a new leaf as a single gal, but her newly redemonized ex-husband, Cole, isn't ready to let her go. Aware of a supernatural plot against the Charmed Ones, Cole keeps watch over Phoebe, and intercedes at the moment of battle, only to accidentally create a rip in time. Cole disappears to WWII-era Hollywood - and brings the sisters with him.
While the Charmed Ones are no strangers to extreme circumstances, what they didn't anticipate was a demonic stronghold shaking down local businesses. To
infiltrate the evil underground, Paige poses as a young starlet, working an entirely different kind of magic before the camera. Meanwhile, Piper is tempted to seek out Leo - in this world, he's still human - and Phoebe is at her wits' end contending with Cole. But a demon henchman is working the black magic mojo on Paige, and if the sisters don't focus, before long they'll find themselves
completely out of luck.
Author/s: Scott Ciencin  
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-689-85793-4  
Timeline: 1942/between 4x22 Witch way now and 5x02 A witch's tail  
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Leo is only shortly present
Trivia: One of Paige adoptive father's ancestors was the actress Penny Day Matthews

Between 1942 and 1943 Belthazor was stripped off his powers.

Sometimes the human underworld (killers. organised crime etc.) and the demonic underworld overlap. Gangsters and demons form partnerships because they have the same interests.

Sentimental Journey
Melody - Les Brown, Ben Homer & Bud Green, 1944
Bloopers: The Charmed Ones have their powers.
How can this be possible when they were not even be born. In 3x04 All Halliwell's Eve it has been stated that they do not have powers in times before their birth.

"The only reason Cole took the evil that was the Source into him was to save Phoebe and her sisters. And the whole time it was a part of him, he had wanted that evil to be driven out"

This is not quite correct. Cole absorbed the Hollow in order to defeat the Source and save The Charmed Ones. He never intentionally planned to absorb the Source.

Piper sings for Leo in public.

This is a strange movement for this character. It has repeadetly been stated that Piper does not like public performances.

Paiges poses as Penny Day Matthews, shooting a movie.
It is not plausible that Paige not only has the look and maybe even the same voice and movements as Penny but can also act.
The sisters are very carefully to not disturb the timeline in their past but wouldn't it be disturbed even more when Penny one day finds out there was a movie with her she never has made?

A timetravel paradox

Leo tells Piper he remembers the song "Sentimental journey" but the song has only been recorded in 1944, 2 years after his death.
When Piper is in the past, she remembers this and sings the song for Leo. How could Leo have heard this song the first time?
Random quote: I'm a good witch, a good witch, a good witch, Piper chanted in her head. I will not use my power to blow up my husband.  
Rating: humor: 1 out of 3 possible
tension: 3 out of 3 possible
story: 2 out of 3 possible
style: 0 out of 3 possible
Summary: 6 out of 12  
  Too bad the book does not keep what the synopsis promised. It would have been fun to see how the girls have to cope with a time that was different from the present especially when it comes to details. Cole is once again reduced to a whimpy character but get at least some fine moments.
I found it hard to believe that Paige really had feelings for Ned especially after she knew he was a demon. Talking about demons, there are a bit too many different ones for my taste and introducing "a god of luck" in the final confrontation with Ned is a cheap way to solve it. Not to mention the a bit weird story about magical artefacts ..
Nevertheless, tension is kept well and there are some amusing moments.
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