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Title: Light of the world  
Creatures: The keeper
Once upon a time a lighthouse keeper lost his fiancee Trudy when the lighthouse light failed and a storm destroyed her ship.
He blamed a lawyer who was also interested in Trudy to have sabotaged the light. The lawyer was murdered in a brutal, unexplainable way some time later and the keeper disappeared. He left a note behind swearing that he would deny hope and happiness from everyone in the world as it had been denied from him.
In this story he possessed James body to marry Lyssa. With the marriage he gained control over the jewel called Light of the World.
In the end he left James' body and united with Trudy, disappearing with her in the jewel.

Light of the world
An artefact with the ability to amplify the effects of any spell a thousand times over. It was bound into an object and willed to caretakers by its creators. It can only be used when given freely by one of the caretakers, e.g. brought into a marriage.

Unnamed beings part crab, part spider and big like a horse. They were banished by the Nixies

Lime colored creature of the sea with a scaly bold head, vertical slits instead of a nose. Mouth and eyes are large ovals and there are  gills on the neck.
The fishwoman can assume the form of a human woman but turns back into its original form when it gets in contact with a liquid.
Killed by the keeper

Simon Blaze, incubus
Incubi are a kind of lust demon. An incubus has limited control over flames. He can throw the passion out of those who see him and turn it into living fire that seeps into his skin and makes him stronger

Unnamed beast
The beast continously changes its form so it can not be described. The beast and its master tried to gain a foothold in this dimension, making it a paradise for
their kind - a world of darkness and evil

Razvan demons
Demons of this clan
can be recognised by their tattoos that move around on their bodies.
They smoke in and out
Vanquished by Piper

Chet, Harry, Steve, nixies
Beautiful sea beings. They look like living ice sculptures, with tiny fishes swimming in pockets of water within their elegant bodies. Nixies have thin, sleeck overlang arms and legs, wavering talonlike fingers and toes and ovoid heads
These being are sometimes good, sometimes evil.
Spells: to trap a nixie
(needs potion):

Imprisoned be
Mr. Water-ee

to drive nixies away:

Those who just
fell like rain
Begne, begone
down the drain

release/undo spell:

For those who don't want to stick around
your freedom is at hand and shall be found

to invoke otherworldly presence:

Dwellers of the deep, progenitors of evil on a million worlds, architects of pain and misery from beyond the stars, I call upon thee.
Send me your emissary from this watery tomb, from his crypt of suffering and madness, so he may consecrate my unholy plans and make of this village an unhallowed grave so dark and terrible that all in a thousand realities will tremble when they hear its name.
Come, I beseech you, come now!

to drive the keeper's spirit out of James body:
(not working)

I know you now
o thing of terror
so separate now
from your wearer

to stir fights and and cause misery:

Let all who gaze upon this light
Know misery and anger
and fight, fight, fight

to summon Trudy (ghost):

Powers that be
We sisters three
call on thee
light the way
for one lost that day
bring her here and now - with truth to say
Cover: cover  
Background info: Incubus  
Summary: The Charmed Ones' childhood friend, Lyssa, asks them to be bridesmaids in her seaside wedding in Serenity Cove. The ceremony will take place in the village's beautiful old lighthouse, which is believed to be haunted by the vengeful spirit of a lighthouse keeper who lost his true love at sea a hundred years ago - on the same day as Lyssa's intended nuptials. The rumors are dismissed, until Lyssa's fiance begins acting strange and overly interested in Lyssa's family heirdom, a rare mystical diamond called the Light of the World. The Halliwell sisters must disclose the groom-to-be's true intentions - and identity - before their friend says "I do" to Mr. Wrong.  
Author/s: Scott Ciencin
John Ciencin has written many books for young readers, among others Charmed, Buffy and Angel.
 He also worked for Marvel and DC Comics. He now lives in Florida with his wife Denise.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 1-4169-1470-6  
Timeline: after 6x03 Dragon's heat  
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Wyatt and Leo appear shortly
Trivia: -  
Bloopers: "[Paige] has been shuffled from foster home to foster home"
This is not correct. Paige was given to sister Agnes who found her adoptive family for her.

"A real journalist like Phoebe .."
Phoebe is advice columnist not a journalist
Random quote: Phoebe asked about something else that had been bugging her. "Question for you: how do you end up with a name like "nixies" anyway?"
"Oh, that's easy," Steve told her. "Pixies was taken."
Rating: humor: 0 out of 3 possible
tension: 0 out of 3 possible
story: 1 out of 3 possible
style: 0 out of 3 possible
Summary: 1 out of 12  
  One of the most boring Charmed books ever. Uninspired story, dull characters, a mix of weird beings that have not much to do with the main plot and bad, cliche style make this book a real pain in the ass.  
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