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Title: Leo rising  
Creatures: Returning:
7x10 ZankouZankou




Unnamed lower level demons with a tattoo of green vibes covering the right side of the face and neck. These demons have the power to use shockwaves to create limited earth quakes.

, evil witch
She was one of Leo's first charges but turned evil

Cameron, demon

, demon
A demon snitch. He is over 600 years old and very fond of catnip.
He can be found at The Apple, a demons' bar

Dr. Gnivik, demon
A mad scientist who captured the Charmed Ones to find out how their magic work and how to
control it and other witches' powers
Vanquished by the Charmed Ones

Nisha Maksoud, witch
A recent graduate of Magic School, she excelled in the study of healing herbs.

Spells: to call for future Wyatt and Chris:

Help this father save his wife,
so they can live a happy life.
To ensure that this is done,
Send, from the future, both his sons

to send Wyatt and Chris back to the future

Sons in the future, come to the past,
Seeing anew what once has passed.
Return them now to whence they came,
Back when they left, all now the same.

protection spell
(sweep to the door with an enchanted broom and no evil can come in):

Protect us from the coming dark
with magic that provides a spark.
The evil lurking while we sleep,
I whisk away with a clean sweep
Cover: Cover  
Background info:    
Summary: When the Charmed Ones are kidnapped and taken to the Underworld, where they are imprisoned by demon scientist Dr. Gnivik, who plans to steal the Power of Three, mortal Leo must find a way to help his family.
Using a spell from the Book of Shadows he calls the future versions of Wyatt and Chris back to the present. Together, the Halliwell men go in search of The Charmed Ones. With Dr. Gnivik nearing success and the sisters powerless to stop him, it's up to Leo and the boys to save the day....
Author/s: Paul Ruditis
He grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from West Chester University with a BA in Theatre Arts (with an emphasis on directing).Paul Ruditis resides in Burbank now.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon Spotlight Entertainment)  
ISBN: 978-1416936695  
Timeline: shortly after 7x17 Scry hard  
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
adult Wyatt and Chris
Darryl Morris
Trivia: Leo is headmaster at magic school

There are references to Star Wars, Bewitched and 6x21 Witch wars

Books mentioned: Morder's book of magic

Wyatt has the power to create holographs
Bloopers: Why would demons (even lower level ones) explode when being hit by an ordinary knife?

"But you could heal yourself," Piper said.
Leo never could heal himself.

"The few times she had travelled into her past .."
Piper has only once travelled into her past which was in 1x17 That 70s episode

The pages 130 and 131 are mixed up.
Random quote: "No, I like that plan," Chris said, looking relieved for the first time since he had been
assigned this mission. "I'm pretty sure I can puke on command."
"Lovely," Leo said. "Just what every father wants to hear. Is this a talent you picked
up in college?"
Rating: humor: 1 out of 3 possible
tension: 1 out of 3 possible
story:  2 out of 3 possible
style: 2 out of 3 possible
Summary: 6 out of 12  
  The two plots are the girls in the underworld and Leo and his sons trying to rescue them. While none is especially exciting both are well written and sometimes even funny. This is the first book that gives Leo more room and features Piper's adults sons.
As usual Phoebe is seduced by a demon, Paige is almost not present in this book and the supposed main villain fulfills every cliche of the mad scientist.
Nice reading but still a bit boring.
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