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Title: Kiss of darkness  
Creatures: Lascaris was a handsome man with dark hair and blue eyes.
He was a powerful warlock who arrived in France in the late 1700s.
He would charm young women and have them collect his life force by kissing men. He needed the strength of these men to keep him young and virile for centuries. He was obsessed with a particular check of Tarot cards and used them to predict his victims - the ones on whom his spells would be most effective.
As Lascaris became more powerful, the women became weaker and the men they kissed hovered near death. When the women were no longer strong enough to serve his needs, Lascaris would perform a ritual. When the ritual was complete the men and women died.

The emerald necklace (an oval emerald set in a gold bend) belonged to a witch whio fought Lascaris. The witch imprisoned the warlock inside the emerald with a spell that gave the warlock only one chance to escape every century: at 12.01 a.m. New Year's Day.

Lascaris was banished into the emerald again by Prue.
Potions/Rituals: to lift Lascaris spell from Prue

draw a circle with a piece of chalk
hold hands and close your eyes
repeat the spell three times

to banish the warlock's spirit into the emerald:

ashes from a fire

with the ashes draw a large oval on the floor
place candles around the oval
hang up mistletoes
lay spiderwebs in the middle of the oval
the enchanted person must be in the oval
the necklace in which the warlock should be trapped must also be placed in the oval

The spell only works with the special Tarot card with the black tower.

Spells: Love spell:

For kisses sweet to turn to passion
You must be willing to take this action
With a potion sweeter than wine
make the one you love become thine
but beware, for if you falter,
You lose your chance,
And this spell you can never alter

to lift Lascaris spell from Prue
(not working):

The power of love comes from the heart
the desire to kiss is but a start
remove the spell to seperate the two
remove the spell placed on Prue

to send the warlock's spirit into the emerald
(not working):

I call to the power of three
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
we imprison Lascaris because we must
to spare the innocent, to protect the meek,
we reduce your power to very weak
Into the prison you must go
Never again to be our foe

to send the warlock's spirit into the emerald
(needs the Power of Three):

Evil you are, evil you shall remain
but not in this world where you inflict pain
the kiss you gave others took their life
The kiss I gave you sliced our bond like a knife
My lips to yours is the stronger power
Within the emerald live inside your blackened tower
Cover: Cover  
Background info: Tarot  
Summary: Something changed Prue Halliwell on New Year's Eve, when a stranger gave her the most passionate kiss of her life. Now Prue feels driven to kiss every man she meets. At first this is fun, but when Prue starts to grow weaker with every kiss, the Charmed Ones know evil is afoot.

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Author/s: Brandon Alexander
When not working as computer programmer Brandon Alexander writes gothic horror and other stories for young readers. He enjoys building 3D puzzles and riding the Tower of Terror at Disney World. He currently lives near Dallas.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-7434-0926-4  
Timeline: season 1
Claire is Prue's boss at Bucklands
Piper works at Quake
Main characters: Phoebe, Piper, Prue  
Trivia: -  
Bloopers: -  
Random quote: Elena: "Ah, it's your time to be noticed."
Piper: "Me? The dateless wonder?"
Rating: humour: 1 out of 3
tension: 2 out of 3
story: 2 out of 3
style: 2 out of 3
  7 out of 12  
  Quite amusing how Prue turns into a kiss-o-mate and tension is kept well till the end. Nice writing style too.
Pleasant read.
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