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Title: Inherit the witch  
Creatures: Juliana O'Farnell, witch
Lily O'Farnell

Juliana has the power to start fire.
In the O'Farnell family every girl receives her powers on her 13 birhtday.

Gortag, demon
An ancient prophecy said that the only way to vanquish Gortag is for a mother and daughter of the O'Farnell blood to combine their powers against him.
About 6 generation ago, Juliana's ancestors were able to imprison Gortag into a cave for 50 years. When he escaped he got a warlock to put an enchantment spell on the family which prevents women of the family to give birth to daughters. The family line could only continue through the sons. Juliana used a counterspell before and while she was pregnant which she chanted every night until her daughter was born.

This demon has the power to control the mind of those who had direct eye contact with him.
Gortag looks like the stereotypical devil just smaller and he can take an endless stream of bodies though only one at a time.

Vanqusihed by Drew who turned into a phoenix and held Gortag in the flames till he died. She was then reborn again.

Drew Elson, witch
The true daughter of Juliana. She has the power to shapeshift.

Mrs. and Mr. Elson
These demons steal children and use their energy to live. When they are full they go off and sleep in their lair for 20 or 30 years. Females are able to spit a sticky spiderweb-like substance. They are immune to witches' powers.
They can be wand off by a protection spell put around a child until it is 1 year old.

The Elsons went after Drew to raise her until she got her powers, then force her to use her abilities for evil purposes which would create a huge amount of negative energy, they could have lived off for years.

The Elsons were vanquished by Piper with a potion.

Transfer of powers
A transfer of powers spell can only work if the two witches are equals, and if both want their powers transferred.
Both witches stand in a protective circle each. Between these circles a bowl of water is placed. A mediator from the family line will then decide if the powers can be transferred.
Potions/Rituals: crushed rowan leaves
sprinkle on the floor in form of a circle

vanquishing potion
burdock root

brush floor with a brush made of sage to cleanse
Spells: to ask for help:

Mother Earth, heed me.
In the hour of need, I seek solace.
Send to me aid in my trouble

to call for Lily's powers:

Goddess, your daughter stands before you
But her magic has fled
Help her find what she has lost
That she with her magic may be wed

to summon Gortag:

Fire and earth, hear our command!
We summon a demon from the dark lands
Gortag, come!

to break Gortag's spell:

Goddess, hear my call.

protection spell:

Power of the witches, we call on you, come
Bring your power, protect our home

to summon a mediator

Sun and moon, earth and water,
Smile now upon your daughters
Each one wants what the other holds
Reverse their powers, exchange their molds

Juliana (family member):
Ancestor witches, hear your daughter's plea
Send one to judge whose these powers
should be

Binding spell for Gortag:

Demon of many bodies
Spirit of one,
In this form we command you. Stay!

to call for Lily's powers on her 13 birthday:

I call upon you, elements four
Unlock your secrets forevermore
A new witch enters the fold.
Allow her magic to take hold
Background info: -  
Summary: The sisters are looking to mentor a young wicca just coming into her powers. But soon the Charmed Ones discover that their prodigy is in fact a changeling. They need to find the real witch, and fast...but where?  
Author/s: Laura J. Burns
She is best known for writing the TV show Roswell, and she's written numerous books for Buffy, Charmed, Roswell and everwood book series. She lives in L.A.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-689-86708-5  
Timeline: early season 5
Phoebe is divorced, Piper's pregnancy is not mentioned
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Trivia: -  
Bloopers: In 1x21 Love hurts and later on we have seen that powers can be transferred quite easily. Why should it need a mediator here?  
Random quote: "So it's more like he just jumps from one body to the next," Phoebe said thoughtfully. "I wonder where the new bodies come from."
"Maybe he's got a big closet full of devil suits somewhere." Paige quipped.
Rating: humor: 1 out of 3 possible
tension: 2 out of 3 possible
story: 1 out of 3 possible
style: 2 out of 3 possible
Summary: 6 out of 12  
  Demons and the Charmed Ones are merely decoration in this story about a witch mother and her daughter who is reaching puberty.
Although you soon at least suspect what is really going on, tension is kept well till the end. Pity that after the endless building-up of the story it's solved in such a hurry ..
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