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Title: House of shards  
Creatures: Closet monster

An amorphous blob, shapeless and almost colorless with two dull, coal-colored eyes set deep into its boneless figure. Sharp pointed fangs

Bobo, demon
Originally one of Wyatt's favourite toys, it was a bug-shaped toy with six legs. Each leg had a different apparatus affixed.
As demon was 8 feet tall, eyes were flashing with rage and it had swinging tentacles.

When Wyatt conjured a puppy he demonised the toy on his high chair.
Then Bobo attacked the sisters in a vulnerable spot - their childhood memories

Bobo was vanquished by Wyatt

BoS entry:
"A house whose inhabitants turn against it will turn against its inhabitants"

Potions/Rituals: to repurify a house:

dried lavender
rose petals (to restore love to the house)
balance rose quartzes in the far points of the house. They channel the energy so it gets evenly distributed and absorbed.

A house exorcism takes 6 months. Any family member that enters during the cleansing period breaks the spell
Spells: to stop a flood:

Elemental powers, I summon to save
dry and remove the uncoming wave

good luck spell
(not used)

Downy duck
filled with pluck
release a stroke
of pure good luck

to fix a shattered orb

We three sisters, body and soul
request our angel be made whole

to vanquish the closet monster

Creature from the closet,
demon from beyond
This Charmed One commands you -
be gone

to banish Bobo
(potion needed)

Childhood memories
sour or sweet
We hereby command thee
to retreat

anti-invisibility spell

Demon of night
demon of day
demon of air
show us the way
Allow your image
to hereby appear
We witches shall vanquish
It matters not where

to vanquish Bobo
(not working)

Demon of night
demon of day
demon of ours
show us the way
Allow your image
to hereby appear
We witches shall vanquish
our childhood fears
Cover: cover  
Background info: -  
Summary: The one thing the Halliwell sisters have always been able to count on is their house, Halliwell Manor. It's a historical landmark in San Francisco, but to them it's more than that - it's where their family has always made its home. So when the Manor suddenly turns on them, wreaking havoc and playing tricks, the Charmed Ones have no idea what to do. The entire house has begun to exhibit demonic qualities - it's almost as though it's come to life, with evil intent. The Charmed Ones are terrified. Can they find the source of this house gone wrong before it vanquishes them?  
Author/s: Micol Ostow
She is a writer and editor of books for children, tweens and teens. She lives and works in NY city.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 1416925317  
Timeline: after 5x23 Oh my goddess, part 2 and 6x13 Used karma  
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Wyatt and Leo
Cole and Darryl are mentioned
Trivia: When Piper was six she was terrified by the "closet monster". Prue managed to convince her sisters that it was real.

Leo had brothers and sisters
Bloopers: "Piper and Phoebe had moved in after their mother died .. "
Wrong, Phoebe returned after Grams died, Prue and Piper moved in while Grams was sick, the girls mother died long time ago

"Paige has left her full time job as a social worker a few years back .. "
Wrong, she quit only in about 1 - 1,5 years back in 5x02 A witch's tail, part 2.

".. her lifelong dream of opening up a nightclub .."
Wrong, Piper always dreamt about opening a restaurant

".. the girls mother left her on the front steps of a local church .."
Wrong, Paige was given directly to sister Agnes

"Cole had cast a spell to access bad magic from within the manor."
Wrong, Cole tried to take in the powers of the nexus which powers can go either way, good or evil.

".. because the house rests on a portal to the underworld .."
Wrong, it is built over a spiritual nexus

Phoebe's boss is refered to as "Elyse" which is wrong. Her name is Elise.

Phoebe: "After Grams died. You and Prue called me back to California."
Wrong, Phoebe did come back from NY out of her own.

Piper "For me this is the only home I've ever known."
Wrong, Piper and Prue shared an apartment before they moved back in
Random quote: As Wyatt's cries grew louder and louder, his face became redder and redder.
"This is a problem," Phoebe said. "My nephew is turning into a tomato."
Rating: humor: 1 out of 3 possible
tension: 0 out of 3 possible
story: 1 out of 3 possible
style: 1 out of 3 possible
Summary: 3 out of 12  
  The story of the house turning against the sisters would have been a nice idea. However it is not enough to fill a whole book.
While some moments are amusing and the alternate childhood story seems fairly nice the book is filled with endless talking by everyone. It also shares the problem of all Charmed books by trying to explain everything and everyone in the Charmed universe to the reader including past episodes and happenings.
The logic behind the Big Bad is disappointing and in best case dubious.
The author has made some of her homework and shows it off by refering to previous episodes but then there are bloopers that make you wonder which show she had watched actually.
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