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Title: Demon doppelgangers  
Creatures: The Dragon's egg

An egg-shaped object of the size of a football, covered with symbols from 2 different periods of greek history. It also depicts a long scaly creature with snakelike body and the head of a dragon, wolflike fangs and prominent eye sockets.
The egg was unearthed in Sparta

The inscription on the egg reads:
This is the egg of the dragon
The dragon must never be hatched

There are two more words hidden in the inscription:
Ravaging hydra

When a human recites the incantation he invites the demon and offers to be his host. After that the host must stay near the egg halves.
The demon essence has the ability to possess a human, copy the host and double himself whenever killed. After that the duplications can not be killed the same way anymore.
The demon plans to build an army and bring chaos and mayhem.

Because the demon is using the host's essence to power the body duplicates the host himself can not move a muscle except his eyes.
The demon’s strength is spread over all his copies which means the less copies the more strength is in the single copy or original demon.
When the human dies all copies vanish and the original becomes incorporeal. The demon demateralises immediately and has no other choice but to go back into the egg. Without the incantation on the egg’s surface the demon can not exist in this world.

When the demon tried to retreat into the egg, Piper blew him up

Inscription on the egg:

Eklutos prolego anoixis oioskuphion agnostos
Use extreme caution when opening this egg-shaped object

Exothen, alexo achrestos artitokos ethnos.
Finally i have received a newborn host

The ravaging man-beast
Do not leave this beast for dead
Or two will rise up in its stead
Then four more will follow you
And eight, sixteen and thirty-two
Until you face a man-beast legion
Laying waste unto your region

When demon leech o’ertakes a man
To use his body ill
And nothing in your conjuring
Will break him to your will
When countless others stand to fall
Lest demon be remed in
Then you must count the greater good
Longside the greater sin.
For one way sure to mark thee
That the demon still shall lie
Is to look unto the demon’s source –
The human host must die

To stop a demon in his tracks
Although he will not stay
To hold a demon fast until
You make your getaway,
Use banyan root and say these words
“Be still” and like the tree,
his limbs will root into the ground
and you, dear, will be free

to calm a demon:

plant a garden filled with these:
mugwort, moonwort, madwort three
then brew a potion, sure to please
the heart of any demon man
of this potion, let him sup
imtil he’s drained his wassail cup
tnen let him sleep, perchance to dream
of kinder times than now they seem
if this can’t lull him, nothing can

Near-death potion:

to pattern death in every way
in breath, in heart, in soul
to bring a loved one to the point
when even skin grows cold
then mark ye well the potion
which on these pages lies,
from sun to sun, or moon to moon
the one who drinks it, dies

Potions/Rituals: to calm a demon:

mugwort, moonwort, madwort

draw a pentagram
set the top to the north
plant one of the herbs at each of the five outer points
in each place where the lines that form the pentagram cross plant another herb
draw a circle around the pentagram
plant any herb that is left in this circle
within the circle but not within the pentagram itself

leaves from the plants at the five points of the pentagram will be the most powerful

prepare the ground before sundown
plant at moon at night
offer a blessing to the four horizons
next morning wait for the dew to dry , then pick your leaves soon after,
before the heat of the sun begins to affect them

make the potion of 20 young fresh leaves from each herb
Spells: to send a demon to the underworld:

Demon from an ancient realm
go back from whence you came
you are not dead, but in death’s stead
you’re banished, just the same

blessing for compost

from earth you spring, and grew, and
till plucked from farmer’s field
we brought you home, you fed us well
but you have more to yield
the minerals you sucked from stone,
the sun you drank from sky
are stored within your roots and leaves
to grow now, by and by
so rest here, till you decompose
and then start life anew
as flow’r or tree, or herb or such
a-sparkling with the dew
the miracle of life
is that it circles, round and round
you are not merely because
you’re turned up in the ground
so rise again, fair stuff of life
become the grass, or wood
you aid us best that grow’th best,
now once more, do some good

blessing for plants

herbs within this garden patch
drink deep of nature’s food
rise up, grow strong, before too long
we both shall do some good

to reduce a man’s pride

when the flame of pride consumes a man
but he’ll not take your offer
blow him kisses, soft and sweet
before you make your proffer.
Then whisper these words on the air
That blows in his direction
“drink the drink I give to you”
he’ll bow to your suggestion

to ask for help:

Kindred spirits, every one, listen to our call
Be ye here or be ye gone, we need you, one and all
In our presence, be it known, a demon walks once more
We seek your help to vanquish it to where it dwelled before
If one among you has the means to deal
This fateful blow
Appear before us, and divulge the secrets
That you know

Cover: Cover  
Background info: Hydra  
Summary: When Paige starts her new job at the museum as a tour guide through the Greek antiquities display, she is fascinated by the ancient treasures almost as much as she is by her fellow tour guide, the gorgeous, Chase. One day, a strange stone egg is added to the collection. It gives Paige the creeps and she's sure there's something evil about it. Her fears are confirmed when Chase accidentally opens the egg and releases a demon.
The demon promptly assumes Chase's form and when Paige tries to kill it, the demon Chase splits in half, forming two new wholes. With the real Chase unable to explain what happened, and doubling demons on the loose, the Charmed Ones will have to count on the Power of Three to figure out what's going on.
Author/s: Greg Elliot  
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 978-1-4169-0026-9  
Timeline: soon after 5x22/5x23
Chris is not present, Leo is not an elder
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Wyatt, Leo and Darryl are present
Trivia: Paige gets a job as a guide in a museum.

Grams is once more summoned but can not help.
Bloopers: Phoebe and Prue used a near-death potion different from this one in 1x20 The power of two.  
Random quote: -  
Rating: humor: 0 out of 3 possible
tension: 1 out of 3 possible
story: 2 out of 3 possible
style: 2 out of 3 possible
Summary: 5 out of 12  
  Easy to read and tension is kept well but it's a bit too long especially when it comes to the theoretical parts. That the book obviously is set after 5x22 but Leo is not an Elder and Chris is not around is irritating.
Leo gets a bit more attention in his whitelighter job than in other books.
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