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Title: Date with death  
Creatures: Lupercalus, ephemeral demon

An ephemeral demon exists in the ether. Some catalyst can make them temporarily corporeal. They can then stay that way as long as they are accomplish their mission.
Ephemeral demons can exist in the earth's orbit, electrical fields, nuclear power sources and everything that retains energy.

Catherine of Alexandria was a princess living in the fourth century A.D., in roman-occupied Egypt.
The Roman emperor, Maxentius, demanded Catherine's hand in marriage. When the princess refused him, he attempted to torture her into submission. Finally, Maxentius beheaded the princess. She later became St. Catherine.

Maxentius, in executing her, became doomed. When he died a few years later, he became the ephemeral demon, Lupercalus.

Lupercalus' mission was revenge against Catherine by ripping out the heart of young women through men he possesses.

The demon uses electricity as weapon and can assume any form.
In his human form Lupercalus is known as Max Wolf. He used an internet dating service ( to find a witch he could use as conduit to possess men.

Possessed men develop
topy metallic muscles elongated, predatory fingers and long glinting talons.

Lupercalia was the ancient name for 14th February

There are portals from dimension to the next. Portals open at the exact moment of sunrise or dawn, at midnight on a full moon, and at the first harvesting of millet or barley.



potion to open a portal:

mustard seed

burn ingredients and recite spell
Spells: to rescue a wytch from points unknown:

Our sister lies
in points unknown,
restore her to her loving home.
Bring her back
and please, intact.
Put an end to her aimless roam

to erase memory:

Let memories of these events
Cease to even be past tense.
Wipe the slate as clean as air
Let no recollection haunt them, ne'er

to summon Lupercalus:

Give us this soul, brimming with malice
Bring before us, Lupercalus

to vanquish Lupercalus
rigin potion (ice blue liquid) needed):

Lupercalus, vengeful soul,
We bind you from your evil goal.
Through Catherine's will
And our Charmed power
Let this be your last cruel hour

Cover: Cover  
Background info: Catherine of Alexandria
Summary: As Piper and Leo contemplate parenthood, and Phoebe and Cole enjoy their engagement, Paige is feeling more of a push to find a significant other. In a moment of whimsy, she signs up for an online dating service. Needless to say, she soon finds herself flooded with eager responses. Almost every night she embarks on a new date that seems to lead nowhere - despite the fact that Paige has a perfectly good time when she's out.
Or does she? Before long the sisters discover that Paige spends her "dates" in a catatonic trance - she hasn't actually gone anywhere! Soon afterward her suitors are discovered to have committed evil acts. Paige is acting as a conduit for dark powers - and soon she is projecting her energies onto her sisters. Will Piper and Phoebe be able to save her using only the Power of Two?
Author/s: Elizabeth Lenhard
She has written several Charmed books. She is now a contributing dining critic at Chicago magazine.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-74346102-9  
Timeline: after 4x12 Lost and bound
between 2nd and 14th February
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Leo and Cole
Darryl appears only shortly
Trivia: Paige works as assistant at a child welfare clinic  
Bloopers: The cat's name is not Sweetie as stated in the book but Kit  
Random quote: -  
Rating: humor: 2 out of 3 possible
tension: 2 out of 3 possible
story: 3 out of 3 possible
style: 2 out of 3 possible
Summary: 9 out of 12  
  Pleasant to read  
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