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Title: Dark Vengeance  
Creatures: Gremlins
Gremlins resemble a foottall frog with teeth. The body is mottled greenish-brown, they have two powerful hind legs and the webbed amphibian feet are armed with hooked retractable claws. Front legs and feets are smaller versions of the back pair.
Many gremlins are immune to magic but all shed scales..
When a gremlin dies others sense it and move in to fill the vacated niche. The only way to get rid of a Gremlin is to trap it and turn it loose in its natural habitat in the underworld.
Gremlin powers can not affect anyone directly but they have magical properties that makes it possible for them to disrupt inanimate things like WW2 planes.

Sol'agath and Dor'chacht
There once were two magical clans, the Sol'agath and the Dor'chacht, that coexisted on earth until the Dor'chacht challenged the Sol'agath for magical supremacy in the mortal realm 3000 years ago. The Sol'agaths won and their descendants have lived among humans using magic to do good ever since.
If they have lost they could have chosen between ascending to a higher plane of benevolent existence or becoming mortal.

The Dor'chacht were empowered by evil, they should have forfeited human form and been banished to the underworld. However some had survived.
The rest of the Dor'chacht has been suspended in time and space waiting for their ultimate fate to be decided.

Shen'arch, chief sorcerer of the Dor'chacht clan
Before the Sol'agath struck the winning blow he transferred the powers of the Dor'chacht's best warriors into objects so the Higher Powers couldn't find them.
As long as this magic is not released until the battle is rejoined, the Higher Powers cannot touch the Dor'chacht.
The warrior essences were transferred into three humans at the instant of conception, 26 years ago.
By touching the Charmed Ones the warriors drain their powers, making their magic ineffectual so the Dor'chacht can challenge the Charmed Ones to combat under the ancient rules of engagement without fear of reprisal.
If the Charmed Ones lose, they and all who have Sol'agath blood will lose their powers forever.

Valley of Ages
In ancient times, all magical family disputes were settled in the Valley of Ages.

Karen Ashley
warrior name: Sh'Tara
She has the ability to inflict her will on any creature with a brain
AKA mind bender

Kevin Graves
warrior name: Tov'reh
He has the ability to change the physical properties of beings and things

Kate Dustin
warrior name: Ce'Kahn
She has the power to control the elements

A cane, flute and necklace store the powers of the warriors as well as drain powers from the Charmed Ones.
The Dor'chacht warriors could not drain the Charmed Ones powers at once because that would leave them as mortals and the higher powers could negate any magic used against them.
As a result of the draining Phoebe loses her short time memory,
Paige falls asleep and Piper experiences an emotional rollercoaster.

Tuatha de Dannan
Magic people who lived in Ireland before the Celts arrived in roughly 1000 b.c. According to legends the Dannan went underground and all modern Irish myths are derivatives of that ancient culture.
Spells: to find magical contaminants:

Unknown magics on mystic tides that
breached the darkened gate;
Lost bits and beings, seek and hide,
now reveal and locate

to get powers from the artefacts:

Guh-sheen toh tak

to get Piper's power out of the flute:

Laughing then and crying now,
undo this mystic music curse
the Sol'agath command the flute,
play Piper's powers in reverse

entry in the BoS:

And should the chosen three of evil be awakened
the champions of virtue must defend
the light of ages past or be forsaken
as the warriors of darkness were before them
Background info: Gremlins
Tuatha de Danann
Summary: The Charmed Ones are feeling out of sorts. Phoebe misses Cole, who's gone away for a week of solitary reflection. Piper is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of overseeing her household, Charmed affairs, and P3, her nightclub. Paige is still adjusting to her role as a savior of innocents, and is increasingly sensitive to all levels of human pain. Soon, though, Piper is distracted by an energetic musician auditioning to play at the club, Phoebe is making a new friend in her Web design class, and Paige is meeting new people at the homeless shelter where she volunteers. But it isn't long before the girls discover that a sinister force is working against them; Phoebe's short-term memory is shot, Piper can't control her emotions, and Paige feels thoroughly exhausted. At the same time, their powers are diminished. Could their new acquaintances be connected to the threat? It's a real-life family feud -- one that could have deadly results...."  
Author/s: Diane G. GallagherDiane G. Gallagher
She lives in Florida. Before becoming a full time writer she made her living in a variety of occupations, including folk musician and fantasy artist.
Her first sci-fi novel was published in 1990. Since then she has written many novels in several series for all age groups, including Star Trek, Sabrina the teenage witch, Buffy and Charmed.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 0-689-85079-4  
Timeline: between 4x08 Black as Cole and 4x13 Charmed and dangerous.  
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
Trivia: -  
Bloopers: -  
Random quote: "There's been so much active magic practiced in the house over the years, maybe the same residual factors that lured the gremlin attracted some other magical contaminant."
"An abracadabra allergy?" Paige grinned.
Rating: humor: 2 out of 3 possible
tension: 3 out of 3 possible
story: 2 out of 3 possible
style: 2 out of 3 possible
Summary: 9 out of 12  
  As most plot stories were the Charmed Ones are falling under the influence of evil this story is funny to read. Especially Poebe losing her memory is pretty amusing. There is a bit too much talking about the ancient battle and the clans but tension is well kept.  
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