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Title: As Puck would have it  
Creatures: Puck is a powerful trickster, usually minding his own business.
He is
tall, with long white hair and purple eyes. The ears are slightly more rounded than the average human ear.
Puck has many powers e.g. shapeshifting, creating barriers, issuing power waves, teleportation etc.
He likes to trade services for clothes and he hates it to be called fairy.
One of his many names is Robin Goodfellow

Bestiari demon
appears as Tommy Brace
An upper level demon in human form that drains life-energy from animals
He collects the energy and uses it to make himself stronger and also adapts the animals attributes (like strength, speed etc.)

The demon needs to absorb the energy directly into his body. It takes three attempts to fully drain an animal's life-force, each time the animal gets weaker but it isn't fatal until the transfer of power is complete.
As he collects spirits, he needs incrisingly more powerful animals to keep feeding his need.
In the book the demon travels with a circus to go from town to town

vanquished by Phoebe, Piper and Puck

also mentioned:
goo demon
Potions/Rituals: Adder's tongue or dogtooth violet  
Spells: to vanquish the Bestiari demon:

to save the creatures in this realm,
from powers that can overwhelm
for all animals strong and hairy,
rid us of this Bestiari
Cover: Cover  
Background info: Puck  
Summary: It's tough to get good service these days - at least if you're a Charmed One. Piper has an odd altercation with a housekeeper, Phoebe receives some strange advice from a computer technician, and Paige witnesses the questionable wilderness skills of her hiking guide all in the same day. The sisters come to the conclusion that magic must be to blame. They soon deduce that the mythological and literary troublemaker Puck has decided to pay them a visit. Just as they realize who is responsible for all the chaos, Puck - who is as curious as he is mischievous - appears and announces that he has devised a plan that will let him see the Power of Three in action: The circus has come to town, and he knows of an Innocent in need of protection.

At the circus the three sisters must find the one in peril while a devilish, shape-shifting Puck leaves them second-guessing their every move. With an unknown Innocent in danger and time running out, will the Charmed Ones be able to outsmart Puck and defeat evil before it's too late?
Author/s: Paul Ruditis
He grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from West Chester University with a BA in Theatre Arts (with an emphasis on directing).Paul Ruditis resides in Burbank now.
Published: Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)  
ISBN: 1416914684  
Timeline: season 5, between 5x16 Baby's first demon and 5x22 Oh my goddess  
Main characters: Paige, Phoebe, Piper
neither Chris nor Leo are present
Trivia: Leo is still a whitelighter

There are references to Harry Potter and Charlie's Angels
Bloopers: "Paige still considered herself new to the magic business .."
Why? This happens after 5x16, she certainly isn't new anymore.

"Piper raised her hands, freezing time"
Piper does not freeze time, she speeds up or slows down molecules.

There is a reference to Hamlet's ghost but in Shakespeare's Hamlet the prince never was a ghost. The ghost in the play was Hamlet's father.
Random quote: "You!" the demon said again as he slammed into the barrier.
"Yes, my monosyllabic friend, we have already established that it is I, the merry wanderer of the night .. the happy prankster of stage, screen, and literature .. the one, the only .. Puck!" Puck said, loving every minute of his introduction.
Rating: humor: 2 out of 3 possible
tension: 1 out of 3 possible
story:  out of 3 possible
style: 3 out of 3 possible
Summary: 8 out of 12  
  The idea to introduce Puck is charming and it is done pretty well. The author knows his background information when it comes to Puck and he also knows the series pretty well.
There are many amusing moments in the first third of the book though also some quite boring scenes especially when it comes to the circus. The clown scenes are plain annoying. That the innocent in the book is an animal is a nice gesture and won the novel a point for "story". There is not much tension though due to the boring circus scenes and as soon as you know who the innocent is - which you figure out very fast - tension is gone.
Funny that the most vivid character in the book is - Puck.
Nevertheless it's a pleasant reading.
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